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Process Optimization for Quality Control

Process Optimization Part 2 Welcome back to our Process Optimization series, kicking off 2016 with a bang! Last week we started looking at some tools, based on the SIX SIGMA methodology, that may be useful to help boost your productivity.   We recall that SIGMA symbolizes deviation from perfection and SIX SIGMA, more specifically, is … read more

Process Optimization: Tools You Can Use Part 2 of 4

Hello again, Welcome to part 2 of our Process Optimization series. Now that we know that Six Sigma simply symbolizes degree of deviation from perfection, we select some Six Sigma tools to enable us to achieve greater efficiencies to exceed our customers’ expectations. Last time CTQ and SIPOC helped us better define requirements. Today, discover … read more

6 Reasons Why we can create RFP responses for your Industry

Every day I am asked how we can create winning RFP responses without being an expert in your industry? Here are my top 6 reasons of how we can navigate the complex bidding process and help your response team.     This is what we do every day! Our team’s core business is to prepare … read more

Process Optimization Critical-to-Quality Tools

Thank you for joining me, as we share a few tips and process optimization tools to gain efficiency. Over the next few weeks we will glimpse at a few ideas that have arisen from the Six Sigma methodology, started by Bill Smith at Motorola in the 1980s, which led to many companies improving their productivity. … read more

Process Optimization: Tools you can USE – Part 1 of 4

Exploring Process Optimization Hello everyone, One of my strongest motivations in life is constantly striving to simplify and organize, be it on the home front, in the work place, or wherever anyone asks for such help. On joining Boardroom Metrics, I thought a perfect place to start would be to peel back the mystique surrounding … read more

Turnaround Management – How to Rescue Struggling Sales Teams

  Taking over a flailing, anxious sales team is anything but ideal circumstances for a new leader, but new leaders face it all the time. It’s precisely this kind of high-pressure situation that requires strong and empathetic leadership strategies. Fear and uncertainty are fertile grounds for doubt and resistance. Whether you are a new or … read more

Attitudes Behaviors and the Successful Salesperson

There are many interpretations of what a successful sales person “looks” like. But what are the specific characteristics or core competencies of successful salespeople? Well, there are many. Below is a Top 10 list of core competencies that every successful sales person has. Low maintenance: Independent, friendly, needs minimal support and supervision to get the … read more

You are the Rainmaker!

Rainmakers are the lifeblood of any organization. They are the people who continually bring in the big bucks, close the most profitable deals and generate the most new customers for a business.   Rainmakers ignore conventional sales advice. They cultivate their own natural curiosity about people and events and are always building their “sales practice”. … read more

C-Level Buying Psychology

Have you ever considered why someone makes a purchase? Did you know that a person’s emotions play a key part of his/her decision-making process? If your answer to these questions is “no” or “I never thought about sales that way”, read on. Psychology Behind the Sale: Successful sales people are considered “trusted advisors”, rainmakers who … read more

Want to WIN your next RFP Proposal Response?

Want to win your next RFP Proposal Response? Outsourcing to a professional RFP writer is a viable option. It may be hard to believe – but there really are people out in the universe that love writing Proposal and RFP Bid responses! Bringing in an outside outsourced objective set of professional eyes to your bid … read more

Creating a World Class Inside Sales Team

Creating, Building & Launching a World Class Inside Sales Team Have you ever thought to yourself, “if I only had a silver bullet, that one nugget of information to transform my sales team into passionate, “trusted advisors”, my job would be so much easier”? How many times have you thought about the secret behind your … read more

Selling into the C-Suite

Selling in the Executive Suite? Your efforts have paid off and you have been invited into the Executive Suite. You have 30 minutes to demonstrate your value to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. This is your opportunity to show “why” you offer value to his company. Don’t Blow Your Opportunity! Great job! You’re … read more