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2707, 2016
  • Personal Responsibility2

Who’s Accountable for your Accountability

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Who's Accountable for your Accountability? Spend a day in company meetings and you will surely hear the word accountability many times. This should be a good thing, and sometimes it is though this is not [...]

2007, 2016
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Seven Attributes of Great Business Leaders

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Seven Attributes of Great Business Leaders by Doug Fisher – Boardroom Metrics Every business leader has their strengths and weaknesses.  My greatest weaknesses are taking defeat very hard and overcomplicating things I do not understand [...]

1807, 2016
  • EffectiveMeeting

Make Your Weekly Meetings Effective

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Well, it’s Monday and that means it’s time to once again to assemble your team of business leaders to discuss the happenings of the prior seven days and prepare for the critical events of the [...]

1507, 2016
  • Continual Improvement2

Continual Improvement – 8 Questions to Ask your Employees

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There are many critical moments in the life of a business leader. One often-missed opportunity is that one-on-one conversation with an employee regarding their happiness, performance, fit in the organization, or career track.

507, 2016
  • Millennial

Hiring Millennials Without Using The Word Millennial

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New trends in the business world are generally interesting and, at times, worthy of consideration and adoption. In most cases, there is always something to learn but I detest the concept and word… millennial. I [...]

3006, 2016
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Big Picture Thinking

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Taking Time to Think - Big Picture Thinking I call it “window time”, the moments I invest in thinking solely about the big picture. It’s called the big picture for a reason… because it’s hugely [...]