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1507, 2016
  • Continual Improvement2

Continual Improvement – 8 Questions to Ask your Employees

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There are many critical moments in the life of a business leader. One often-missed opportunity is that one-on-one conversation with an employee regarding their happiness, performance, fit in the organization, or career track.

507, 2016
  • Millennial

Hiring Millennials Without Using The Word Millennial

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New trends in the business world are generally interesting and, at times, worthy of consideration and adoption. In most cases, there is always something to learn but I detest the concept and word… millennial. I [...]

3006, 2016
  • Photo of a puppy Cockapoo his eyes looking upwards with thought bubbles as he dreams about being outside on a walk.

Big Picture Thinking

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Taking Time to Think - Big Picture Thinking I call it “window time”, the moments I invest in thinking solely about the big picture. It’s called the big picture for a reason… because it’s hugely [...]

2906, 2016
  • Vendors

Vendor Relationship Management Tips

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The Forgotten Relationship – Vendors The traditional business-to-vendor relationship is quickly becoming extinct.  Gone are the days where the sales rep shows up periodically to say hi, you phone in your orders, you flog your [...]

1006, 2016
  • excellence

Now Read This!

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Now Read This! One of my favorite professional development tools is a bookshelf lined with my library of business books. If you read business books regularly and apply what you learn, you would absorb a [...]

3105, 2016
  • ToDoList

A New Type of To-Do List

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A New Type of To-Do List Perhaps the number one reason for not keeping a continual to-do list is the stress that accompanies it. I like these lists and always have three comprehensive to-do lists... [...]