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5 High Performance Sales Techniques not found in Books

Top performing sales reps typically do five things better than anyone else: 1)    They are Focused Top performers have a maniacal focus on doing the right things and on their success. They know what success looks like to them. And it is different for each one I have ever met. They then focus on creating … read more

Lateral Thinking: Every Writer’s Resource

Instinct, epiphany, intuition, it’s that ‘aha’ moment we’ve all experienced. Lateral thinking is every writer’s resource where ideas and insights emerge suddenly and without warning. It’s the powerhouse of raw expression behind the mechanics of writing. For example, I’ve been working through the first draft of a short story whose end market (I hope) will … read more

What’s the Sales Strategy for your Organization?

Everybody talks about having a high performance sales team; so how do you begin to create that team? What is your sales strategy for the next 3 years – and where is your company going? If it’s an entrepreneurial company, that strategy is in the leaders head! If I ask your Leadership Team what their … read more

How can I ask for an Executive Mentor? I am supposed to have all of the answers!

Could an Executive Mentor help me?  This is a question I hear quite frequently. And, it’s a question that must be on the minds of many people in leadership roles today. Have you ever seen a great business leader?  I have. They make amazing things happen. And, they generally don’t do it alone. Leadership success … read more

Effective Stakeholder Management is Essential for IT Project Success

Effective stakeholder management was critical to every IT project success in every organization I have ever worked with. Stakeholder management is an important discipline that successful project managers use to win support from others. It helps them ensure that their projects succeed where others may fail. Let’s first define what a stakeholder is before getting … read more

An Effective Communication Plan Drives IT Project Success

Since 80% of an IT project manager’s time is spent communicating, an effective communication plan is essential to IT project success. Most people imagine that technical acumen and strong problem solving skills are the most important in order to be a successful project manager. While these skills are essential they are not as important as … read more

The Best of “Aubin’s Axioms” 2013

As Strategy Practice Leader of Boardroom Metrics and CEO of SRTC, I regularly publish Aubin’s Axioms on strategy, leadership, and business through an extensive range of social media. Always popular and usually irreverent, these maxims enjoy a wide following and I thought that a compilation of the most popular ones from 2013 would be a … read more

The Impact of Project Leadership on IT Project Success

Project leadership requires technical depth and management breadth in order to impact positively on IT project success. A project manager’s role consists of two distinctly different yet complementary skills. Both are necessary for today’s changing and complex business environment. On the one hand you must have the project management skills to deal effectively with goals … read more

The Impact of Incomplete or Changing Requirements on IT Project Success

Incomplete or changing requirements may be the result of inadequate scope definition, which can effect IT project success. In one of my previous blogs, I discussed the importance of “Scope Definition”. However no matter how well you define the scope, I found that it will be incomplete and there will be changes as the IT … read more

Writing emails which get results

The best written email is one that doesn’t need to be opened, and yet still gets the results you want. How can an email work if someone doesn’t open it? Do you really need someone to read your email? The answer to these questions is surprisingly simple, but requires a degree of forethought. What is … read more

Types of Product Pricing Strategies #4 – Market/ Brand Based Pricing Strategies Part 3

As we complete this series of blogs on product pricing strategies, I wanted to address the area of promotion pricing. I have included this as a subset of Market or Brand Based strategies, but certainly discounting is a widespread tactic which may also be seen within Cost Based, Competitor Based, and Customer Based strategies I … read more

Resource Planning for IT Project Success

Proper resource planning is critical, the right project staffing with the right skills will greatly improve IT project success. Yet inadequate and/or improperly allocated resources is one of the ten most common contributors to project failure. Not having the right people on the project can kill it. “The key to getting a project successfully accomplished … read more