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2906, 2016
  • Vendors

Vendor Relationship Management Tips

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The Forgotten Relationship – Vendors The traditional business-to-vendor relationship is quickly becoming extinct.  Gone are the days where the sales rep shows up periodically to say hi, you phone in your orders, you flog your [...]

1006, 2016
  • excellence

Now Read This!

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Now Read This! One of my favorite professional development tools is a bookshelf lined with my library of business books. If you read business books regularly and apply what you learn, you would absorb a [...]

3105, 2016
  • ToDoList

A New Type of To-Do List

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A New Type of To-Do List Perhaps the number one reason for not keeping a continual to-do list is the stress that accompanies it. I like these lists and always have three comprehensive to-do lists... [...]

2605, 2016
  • KickStarter

My Kickstarter Exceeded My Expectations… Now what?

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My Kickstarter Exceeded My Expectations... Now what? Your fund raising efforts were successful.  You have the funds and you understand your field of expertise.  But you're not a "business person". How do you get from [...]

2405, 2016
  • 5-year-rule

My Five Year Rule for Directors and CEO’s

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My Five Year Rule for Directors and CEO’s The other day I was presenting to a roomful of veteran Directors when the youngest Director in the room asked: “Jim, what are your thoughts on how [...]

1705, 2016
  • Board Evaluation

Three Steps to Evaluate Your Board and Save Your Organization

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Three Steps to Evaluate Your Board and Save Your Organization Ok. That last part of the title probably seems over the top. But it’s not. The field of corporate governance is strewn with organizations that [...]