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The CEO as an Organization’s Chief Communications Officer

The role of the Chief Executive Officer has never been more complex and all encompassing. While outcomes and performance will always be the CEO’s primary focus, accountability for today’s leader goes well beyond this, and stretches into new and expanded core competencies. For many – some are natural leadership traits, many others are learned skills. … read more

Are you under Pressure to Win Proposals and RFP’s?

Are you under Pressure to Win Proposals and RFP’s? Is it your responsibility to respond to RFPs and Proposals within your organization? Last week we received this thank you letter from one of our clients:                   What strikes us about this thank you note, is how the … read more

Is your Brand meaningful to your target audience?

As the needs and wants of the consumer change and alter – your Brand needs to evolve too. What to do if your Brand isn’t working? As a key to Brand success, evolution must be included in your Brand Strategy. Remaining on target can be challenging – it means you must always understand your current … read more

Driverless Truck?

The Driverless Truck? It’s a TRAIN! There has been a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the new phenomenon that is the “driverless truck” and the endless possibilities it presents to the future of the Logistics industry. The idea of the “driverless truck” must be hugely appealing to transport companies already facing significant pay increases … read more

The CEO as an Organization’s Chief Advocacy Officer

As the priorities and strategies for an organization change and evolve, so do the list of core competencies for today’s leaders. For CEO’s, one must constantly adapt to the new and/or expanded skill sets required to be successful in your role. Many skills, which were previously treated as transactional task and delegated through the organization, … read more

IT Risk Management – Understanding and Managing your IT Risks

As IT Leaders, we must be able to understand the risks we face, and how to address them. Understanding and managing your IT risks by categorizing them and then rating them are the first steps in being able to address IT risk. Here are the steps you should take to begin managing your IT risks … read more

Driver Shortages – The Ugly Truth

The issue of driver shortages in the Truck Driving industry is hardly new but it is one that will continue to rise. This is due to there being a severe dearth of talent coming into the profession and lots more leaving it. Why? Simply put, Truck Driving is no longer appealing to young people. This … read more

The 5 Hidden Benefits of Branding

Branding is worth the investment – a unique own-able Brand Strategy will separate you from your competitors, increase your revenues and provide a few hidden benefits. As your Brand Strategy is developed and activated, you’re Brand Positioning will start to take effect and awareness will grow – this may take a little time, but soon … read more

Logistics Expertise through Experience

Expertise through Experience I have been involved in Logistics for over 20 years and my logistics expertise ensures that I have a unique understanding and full appreciation of the complete logistics life cycle. Gaining my truck drivers licence 3 months after my 21st birthday, I self-funded both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Commercial Law … read more

Top Mistakes IT Leaders make with the Consumerization of IT

For a number of years now, IT has been confronted with what is known as the consumerization of IT. We used to have complete control: “you can’t have that”; “you can’t do this”; “you can only have access to these”. All of that changed with the introduction of the personal smartphone and tablet computing. No … read more

Top Mistakes IT Leaders make with Balancing IT Activities

Balancing IT Activities In IT, we all know that a certain amount of resources must be assigned for upgrades, updates, patches and scheduled maintenance. In general, this is known as ‘keeping the lights on’. The mistake some IT departments make is that they spend most or all of their time within this activity, and do … read more

Top Mistakes IT Leaders make in IT Alignment with the Business

Many of the large IT research organizations and others have been telling us for some time the importance of IT alignment with the business and its objectives. Many attempts at IT alignment fail for multiple reasons, with negative consequences, sometimes compounded due to making more than one of the following mistakes: Doing something the organization … read more