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How to build requirement documents that work

Requirements documents come in a variety of flavours, including marketing, business, and product requirements. Although the specific content varies between each type of requirements document, the purpose remains the same. A requirements document must communicate requirements so that someone can determine a solution. Why do requirement documents fail? In many cases, requirement documents fail to … read more

Loneliness of a High Performing Sales Rep

  Top Performing sales people can have a tough time with their success. There are few people in an organization that understand them and what they do to be successful.   Most people don’t see and don’t know all the work that goes into the deals and the winning ways that they have created. They … read more

Why a Writer’s Craft is Only Half the Story

To write is to orchestrate; to arrange, to organize, to direct, in essence, to conduct. Exercising your writer’s craft is a two part process and conducting a story well, means allowing the music to be created by your reader’s mind. In my previous blog, I suggested ways to boost creative thinking. This blog is about … read more

Important Tax information for Parents and Students

It is that time of year again, when parents and students are getting ready to complete their Income Tax returns. I just know it is everyone’s favourite task.  Here is some information for you that just might make it a bit easier to swallow.   Most University and College students take their slips to the … read more

Nine Ways to Boost Lateral Thinking for Writers

Can you boost lateral thinking? In my previous blog, I described how lateral thinking can be a resource for writers. It is that flash of insight, intuition or epiphany; that ‘eureka’ moment. Stress, lack of sleep or simply following the same routines everyday tends to shut it down. But it can be tamed, trained and … read more

5 High Performance Sales Techniques not found in Books

Top performing sales reps typically do five things better than anyone else: 1)    They are Focused Top performers have a maniacal focus on doing the right things and on their success. They know what success looks like to them. And it is different for each one I have ever met. They then focus on creating … read more

Lateral Thinking: Every Writer’s Resource

Instinct, epiphany, intuition, it’s that ‘aha’ moment we’ve all experienced. Lateral thinking is every writer’s resource where ideas and insights emerge suddenly and without warning. It’s the powerhouse of raw expression behind the mechanics of writing. For example, I’ve been working through the first draft of a short story whose end market (I hope) will … read more

What’s the Sales Strategy for your Organization?

Everybody talks about having a high performance sales team; so how do you begin to create that team? What is your sales strategy for the next 3 years – and where is your company going? If it’s an entrepreneurial company, that strategy is in the leaders head! If I ask your Leadership Team what their … read more

How can I ask for an Executive Mentor? I am supposed to have all of the answers!

Could an Executive Mentor help me?  This is a question I hear quite frequently. And, it’s a question that must be on the minds of many people in leadership roles today. Have you ever seen a great business leader?  I have. They make amazing things happen. And, they generally don’t do it alone. Leadership success … read more

Effective Stakeholder Management is Essential for IT Project Success

Effective stakeholder management was critical to every IT project success in every organization I have ever worked with. Stakeholder management is an important discipline that successful project managers use to win support from others. It helps them ensure that their projects succeed where others may fail. Let’s first define what a stakeholder is before getting … read more

An Effective Communication Plan Drives IT Project Success

Since 80% of an IT project manager’s time is spent communicating, an effective communication plan is essential to IT project success. Most people imagine that technical acumen and strong problem solving skills are the most important in order to be a successful project manager. While these skills are essential they are not as important as … read more

The Impact of Project Leadership on IT Project Success

Project leadership requires technical depth and management breadth in order to impact positively on IT project success. A project manager’s role consists of two distinctly different yet complementary skills. Both are necessary for today’s changing and complex business environment. On the one hand you must have the project management skills to deal effectively with goals … read more