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Unrealistic Timelines are the Bane of Successful IT Project Planning

In my experience as a project manager, unrealistic timelines or schedules are one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful IT project planning. I’ve seen my share of projects fail. In fact, according to the Cranfield School of Management in the UK, 68% of projects are destined for failure. Given this, I’ve often wondered, why … read more

Project Scope – the Corner Stone of IT Project Planning Success

Before I get into why project scope is the corner stone for IT project planning success and project execution activities that follow, let’s define what is meant by project scope. There are several definitions available from the PMBOK to many other sources. In simple terms, project scope is the part of project planning process that … read more

Four personal branding tips to help shorten your elevator pitch

Hi, what do you do? In 10 seconds or less, can you summarize what you do for a living? Everyone should be able to do this. The original purpose of an elevator pitch was to prepare you for that chance meeting with a potential client, so that you could quickly summarize your value proposition for … read more

The “Art” of Strategy

A great captain once said, “the best strategies are ones that leadership can communicate in a single picture”. There’s a lot to be said for that. Yet, in the past few years of dealing with corporate strategy development, I’ve been seeing the exact opposite. More often than not, companies trot out multiple binders of documents … read more

Why Senior Management Support is a Must for IT Project Success?

For IT Project success, senior management support should be on every project manager’s list of critical factors. In my experience, when we failed to get sufficient senior management support for our IT projects, the projects had little chance of succeeding, in fact they failed. As I indicated in my previous blog, the role of senior … read more

Replace your lone advisors with a professional firm

Advisory Boards have a daunting array of tasks. This includes advising CEOs and business owners how to overcome challenges at a particular time. Those challenges will change over time, depending on market conditions, the economy, industry, competition, and other factors. Those challenges are in a constant state of rapid change, making the role of the … read more

What does the future of Social Media look like?

‘One day we’ll be tweeting from the Moon, said the wise old owl to the eager baby beavers’ This sounds like something you’d see written in a story tale, but incredibly, it’s now actually true. What does the future of Social Media look like? And how is it affecting our business and learning practices? With … read more

Does Corporate Culture Affect IT Project Planning and Success?

Even with sound project teams in place, corporate culture and to lesser extent organizational structure will influence IT project planning and ultimately the project success. You need to be cognizant of the corporate culture, process and structure to ensure that your IT project plan does not mitigate any possible negative effects and potential failure. Corporate … read more

How Will the New Baby Boomer Retirement Lifestyle Shape the World?

What impact will Baby Boomer retirement lifestyle decisions have on the physical makeup of cities, government policies and the building industry? Plenty! My earlier blog ,What do we really want, makes it pretty clear that we are a very diverse groups with some very specific needs. These needs lead to 5 Real Estate Trends that … read more

Hunch-Based Selection

When a client project involves resume vetting, I always include in my proposal that I will spend 30 seconds max per resume. This is especially true if I’m vetting hundreds of documents from multiple postings. Just so you aren’t shocked, the recruiting industry average time spent on a resume is 6 seconds. I like to … read more

The Importance of Relevant User Input for IT Project Planning Success

One of the most important factors for IT project planning success is relevant user input. As I mentioned in my previous blog, failures in proper project planning are really opportunities. Relevant user input is one of those opportunities to improve project success. User input, better known as “project requirements” or “defined statement of work” is … read more

11 Must Haves in Baby Boomer Homes for a Better Retirement Lifestyle

“As a baby boomer, I want to be happy with my retirement lifestyle!” Identifying the specifics of what it is we are looking for in our next home is key to finding that happiness. Our diversity, as I mentioned in my first blog has made it clear that there is no “one size fits all” … read more