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How Will the New Baby Boomer Retirement Lifestyle Shape the World?

What impact will Baby Boomer retirement lifestyle decisions have on the physical makeup of cities, government policies and the building industry? Plenty! My earlier blog ,What do we really want, makes it pretty clear that we are a very diverse groups with some very specific needs. These needs lead to 5 Real Estate Trends that … read more

Hunch-Based Selection

When a client project involves resume vetting, I always include in my proposal that I will spend 30 seconds max per resume. This is especially true if I’m vetting hundreds of documents from multiple postings. Just so you aren’t shocked, the recruiting industry average time spent on a resume is 6 seconds. I like to … read more

The Importance of Relevant User Input for IT Project Planning Success

One of the most important factors for IT project planning success is relevant user input. As I mentioned in my previous blog, failures in proper project planning are really opportunities. Relevant user input is one of those opportunities to improve project success. User input, better known as “project requirements” or “defined statement of work” is … read more

11 Must Haves in Baby Boomer Homes for a Better Retirement Lifestyle

“As a baby boomer, I want to be happy with my retirement lifestyle!” Identifying the specifics of what it is we are looking for in our next home is key to finding that happiness. Our diversity, as I mentioned in my first blog has made it clear that there is no “one size fits all” … read more

Challenges of SMEs in the UAE

Dr Nasser Saidi comments about the main challenge of SMEs in the region. There is a lack of access to long term finance. Small Medium Enterprise growth depends on banking and the financial sector, venture capital, micro-credit, crowd funding and investment.

Beware of Constraints that Can Cripple Your Business Growth

Every small business and start up wants to grow and become successful, but the trick is to have “planned growth” rather than “opportunistic growth”. If you opportunistically start taking on every new order for your products or services that comes along, sooner or later you’ll hit a “constraint” that cripples your business. Typical business growth … read more

Why a Good IT Project Plan Drives Success

With most failed information technology projects, the failures were planned to happen from the start. A good IT project plan has several key drivers for success.

5 Real Estate Trends That Define Baby Boomer Retirement Lifestyle

How are we going to decide on OUR retirement lifestyle? As a Boomer I know there is no “one size fits all” approach to moving past “midlife”. We are pioneering a new kind of retirement lifestyle to fit how we want our lives to unfold. Like all pioneers, we know where we want to go … read more

¿Qué responsabilidad tienen un Consejo Consultivo?

Por definición, la principal diferencia entre un Consejo Consultivo y un Consejo de Administración es la responsabilidad que en cada caso se tiene sobre los resultados de la empresa. Un Consejo de Administración es responsable por los resultados de la empresa y sus acciones e incluso podría tener que entregar cuentas a inversionistas, accionistas o … read more

Progress of Corporate Governance in Dubai

Dr Nasser Saidi talks about corporate governance being critical because it brings a level of confidence to investors and improves company performance. There has been a push in the UAE to further advance and promote the adoption of best corporate governance practice. Regulators and government authorities have become more aware of governance. There are now … read more

How to Pick Your Valuation Advisor

As a business owner, you know your business and the value of expertise. As such, you should seek specialized advisors when executing strategic transactions around your company. Depending on what you want to do with your company, there are advisors appropriate for every circumstance. Business Valuation Only There are a wide range of advisors, from … read more

The Concept of Crowd Investing

Dr. Nasser Saidi talks about how SMEs can expand by crowd investing. It allows investors to invest directly into a company without going through financial intermediaries. Crowd Investing is a form of democratic capitalism with a community that can support young entrepreneurs and businesses rather than anonymous investors. The goal is to make it easier … read more