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Exit strategies for family-owned businesses

Assuming you have decided to partially or fully exit your family-owned business, there are multiple exit strategies you could use. The choice of strategy depends on: your strategic objective (most important): Are you looking to raise partial financing while retaining control? Are you exiting fully? the overall size or valuation of the company: The valuation needs … read more

Be a finance coach to your team

Motivate your finance department staff to maximize their performance. Are your accounting staff overloaded? Work expands to meet the time available, but this does not occur when staff are motivated to do their best. Good management can often go a long way to encourage staff to go the distance and enable you to get value … read more

IT Planning –Things you need to know to prioritize IT projects

Compared to anytime in the past business leadership today is faced with a significant increase in the amount of IT decisions to be made. If it was a simple matter of “more” that would be okay, but it is more complicated than that. The last 5 years has brought about a number of different elements … read more

BRM MÉXICO : Asociaciones Público Privadas APP´s

APP es un modelo de asociación entre los sectores público y privado en el que se establece un acuerdo para el desarrollo de infraestructura y la entrega de servicios a la ciudadanía bajo un convenio a través del cual se determina la participación del sector público y privado en términos de aportación de capital y … read more

Brand Based Types of Pricing Strategies for Market Entry

As we’ve laboured through various types of pricing strategies in previous posts, we have addressed Cost Based, Competitor Based, and Customer Based strategies. Some would say these major segmentations cover all types of pricing actions, but I’ve added Market or Brand Based strategies as a fourth segmentation. Certainly markets are made up of customers, but … read more

Business Opportunities in the Arabia Region

Having grown up through 17 years of civil war in Lebanon, it is a subject of pride for me to write about business opportunities in our region at a time of great political turmoil and widespread unrest. This is because I believe that by pushing ahead with economic and business development, we stand the best … read more

Business Valuation is Key to Any Family Business Exit Strategy

As you debate the pros and cons of effecting a partial, or full exit from your family business, it is likely that valuation will be at the front of your mind. Or at least, it should be. The business valuation discussion is key, particularly in an Emerging Market, like the UAE. As a successful businessperson, … read more

Nasser Saidi joins Boardroom Metrics

Boardroom Metrics welcomes respected Middle East leader Nasser Saidi. Nasser provides Geo-Political and Governance Advisory services to Corporate clients in the Middle East and North America. August 27, 2013 Press Release  

Should Your Family Business Have An Exit Strategy?

So you’ve worked for 15, or 30 years, or more, or you’ve taken over this business from your family, and it is thriving and successful. On a regular basis, private equity, other investors or even other corporates want to meet with you to discuss buying a stake in your business. How should this situation best … read more

Why Business Valuation is Essential for Strategic Decision Making

Business valuation is generally made in the context of a business sale, merger /acquisition process (M&A) or as part of a funding exercise, where the owners are looking to raise external equity to help finance growth. Although my focus is (generally) on funding and M&A, I wanted to take a step back to explain why business … read more

Information Technology Strategic Plan Will Change CIOs Job Spec

Without exception the role of the CIO has changed and along with that, so have the responsibilities. In a nut shell the job spec is brand new. This means some significant realignment will be needed with the rest of the business in terms of direction, engagement and objectives as you craft your next Information Technology … read more

Meetup as a Tool for Leveraging your Personal Brand

As a young professional, I know the challenges of networking and finding the right places to be to leverage your personal brand in such a busy city like Toronto. Having lived here my whole life, I have the upper hand knowledge of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Toronto, like any other city, is full … read more