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Baby Boomer Housing Trends – What Do We Really Want?

Boomers are changing retirement lifestyles and creating new baby boomer housing trends!  We want our housing to reflect our new active adult retirement lifestyle. We are not interested in senior ghettos with one room bed-sits. We don’t see ourselves as growing old; we are just going through another lifestyle change.  And we fully intend to … read more

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…Time is Counting Down

October 2013 leaves one year for corporations incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act (CCA) to transition to the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA). The CNCA provides federal not-for-profit corporations with a new set of rules that are modern, flexible, and better suited to the needs of today’s not-for-profit sector. This should come … read more

¿Porque es interesante ser miembro de un Consejo Consultivo?

Lo primero que se debe tener claro, es que un Consejero Consultivo espera una retribución económica a cambio de su participación en el Consejo Consultivo. Si se entiende que estructurar y operar con un Consejo Consultivo es una decisión del cuerpo directivo de la empresa o de los accionistas de la misma o de ambos, … read more

Email Etiquette, Is It Necessary?

Our propensity to use short forms is linked to our need to communicate faster. What we may neglect to consider is how our message is impacted. Communicate efficiently and effectively with these email etiquette tips.

¿Cuántos miembros debe tener un Consejo Consultivo?

No hay una regla que determine el número de integrantes que un Consejo Consultivo debe tener, no es una función del tamaño de la empresa o la industria de la que forma parte. Tampoco es factor el que sea un número de consejeros impar, pues un Consejo Consultivo no es un cuerpo colegiado para la … read more

Ziad Awad and Jim Crocker on Business Valuation

Successful On-boarding Experience

How to properly provide training and guidance for new directors What does it take to create a successful non-profit board training event? How can training, or “on-boarding events”, be beneficial to those who attend them? And, will board members remember and apply the key takeaways discussed? I love to hear about on-boarding experiences that are … read more

Inventory Shrinkage – Is It Eating Into Your Profits?

The definition of Inventory Shrinkage varies slightly from manufacturing, to distribution centres, to retail. Irrespective of the situation, Inventory Shrinkage is simply the difference between recorded inventory and actual inventory. In other words, shrinkage is the reduction in actual inventory caused by various factors including theft, process failures, and administrative errors. In manufacturing, industry shrinkage … read more

¿Qué tipo de empresas son las que más se benefician de un Consejo Consultivo?

En BRM de México pensamos que toda empresa privada se beneficia de un Consejo Consultivo si desde el inicio su estructuración y operación se llevan a cabo correctamente. En BRM de México nuestra mayor experiencia ha sido trabajando con empresas medianas y pequeñas. En nuestra experiencia, hay varios factores que hacen que un Consejo Consultivo … read more

Mythology of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) are the first clients people think of when they consider doing business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). SWFs are evaluated first over Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Capital Markets, or purely commercial transactions. Although SWFs are now a global group, this article focuses on the MENA SWFs and is … read more

Directors – Crisis, What Crisis?

Charles De Gaulle – Faced with crisis, the person of character falls back on themself. They impose their own stamp of action, take responsibility for it, and make it their own. In a previous blog, I shared that acting independently will identify you as a board contributor in times of conflict and crisis. In this … read more

Implementar un Consejo Consultivo

¿Qué puede hacer una compañía para contar con recursos intelectuales de alto nivel que le permitan tener una ventaja competitiva en su mercado? Implementar un Consejo Consultivo. Compañías que por cotizar en alguna bolsa de valores, es decir compañías públicas, están sujetas al cumplimiento de una serie de regulaciones y políticas de operación entre las … read more