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The Impact of Incomplete or Changing Requirements on IT Project Success

Incomplete or changing requirements may be the result of inadequate scope definition, which can effect IT project success. In one of my previous blogs, I discussed the importance of “Scope Definition”. However no matter how well you define the scope, I found that it will be incomplete and there will be changes as the IT … read more

Writing emails which get results

The best written email is one that doesn’t need to be opened, and yet still gets the results you want. How can an email work if someone doesn’t open it? Do you really need someone to read your email? The answer to these questions is surprisingly simple, but requires a degree of forethought. What is … read more

Types of Product Pricing Strategies #4 – Market/ Brand Based Pricing Strategies Part 3

As we complete this series of blogs on product pricing strategies, I wanted to address the area of promotion pricing. I have included this as a subset of Market or Brand Based strategies, but certainly discounting is a widespread tactic which may also be seen within Cost Based, Competitor Based, and Customer Based strategies I … read more

Resource Planning for IT Project Success

Proper resource planning is critical, the right project staffing with the right skills will greatly improve IT project success. Yet inadequate and/or improperly allocated resources is one of the ten most common contributors to project failure. Not having the right people on the project can kill it. “The key to getting a project successfully accomplished … read more

Charities: Are your books and records in order?

Recently, a number of well-known Canadian charities faced brand risk because they didn’t adhere to a basic business principle of organization. They didn’t have up to date books and records. Failure to maintain your books and records is possible grounds for suspension of a charity’s tax-receipting privileges. Such a suspension can translate into the loss … read more

EXPO 2020: A historical moment for the Arab world

The momentous implications of the Expo 2020 win are still to be fully understood. First, I want to take a step back and reflect on the historical importance of this win, then I will make some bold predictions for the next few years. This win is historical When the Expo comes to Dubai in 2020, … read more

Unrealistic Timelines are the Bane of Successful IT Project Planning

In my experience as a project manager, unrealistic timelines or schedules are one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful IT project planning. I’ve seen my share of projects fail. In fact, according to the Cranfield School of Management in the UK, 68% of projects are destined for failure. Given this, I’ve often wondered, why … read more

Project Scope – the Corner Stone of IT Project Planning Success

Before I get into why project scope is the corner stone for IT project planning success and project execution activities that follow, let’s define what is meant by project scope. There are several definitions available from the PMBOK to many other sources. In simple terms, project scope is the part of project planning process that … read more

The “Art” of Strategy

A great captain once said, “the best strategies are ones that leadership can communicate in a single picture”. There’s a lot to be said for that. Yet, in the past few years of dealing with corporate strategy development, I’ve been seeing the exact opposite. More often than not, companies trot out multiple binders of documents … read more

Why Senior Management Support is a Must for IT Project Success?

For IT Project success, senior management support should be on every project manager’s list of critical factors. In my experience, when we failed to get sufficient senior management support for our IT projects, the projects had little chance of succeeding, in fact they failed. As I indicated in my previous blog, the role of senior … read more

Replace your lone advisors with a professional firm

Advisory Boards have a daunting array of tasks. This includes advising CEOs and business owners how to overcome challenges at a particular time. Those challenges will change over time, depending on market conditions, the economy, industry, competition, and other factors. Those challenges are in a constant state of rapid change, making the role of the … read more

What does the future of Social Media look like?

‘One day we’ll be tweeting from the Moon, said the wise old owl to the eager baby beavers’ This sounds like something you’d see written in a story tale, but incredibly, it’s now actually true. What does the future of Social Media look like? And how is it affecting our business and learning practices? With … read more