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The Boardroom Metrics Blog provides an ever-growing source of business content, written by our Accomplished Executives about their areas of passion and expertise.  Latest blog posts and past content are accessible here.

IT Planning –Things you need to know to prioritize IT projects

Compared to anytime in the past business leadership today is faced with a significant increase in the amount of IT decisions to be made. If it was a simple matter of “more” that would be okay, but it is more complicated than that. The last 5 years has brought about a number of different elements … read more

BRM MÉXICO : Asociaciones Público Privadas APP´s

APP es un modelo de asociación entre los sectores público y privado en el que se establece un acuerdo para el desarrollo de infraestructura y la entrega de servicios a la ciudadanía bajo un convenio a través del cual se determina la participación del sector público y privado en términos de aportación de capital y … read more

Brand Based Types of Pricing Strategies for Market Entry

As we’ve laboured through various types of pricing strategies in previous posts, we have addressed Cost Based, Competitor Based, and Customer Based strategies. Some would say these major segmentations cover all types of pricing actions, but I’ve added Market or Brand Based strategies as a fourth segmentation. Certainly markets are made up of customers, but … read more

Do You Have What It Takes To Run Boardroom Metrics Toronto?

We’re looking for someone to run the Boardroom Metrics operation in Toronto. For three years now Karen and I have been building the Boardroom Metrics business in Toronto. This past year we expanded to Mexico City and Dubai. Because we are working with new leaders in new markets – and we have a goal of … read more

Business Opportunities in the Arabia Region

Having grown up through 17 years of civil war in Lebanon, it is a subject of pride for me to write about business opportunities in our region at a time of great political turmoil and widespread unrest. This is because I believe that by pushing ahead with economic and business development, we stand the best … read more

Welcome Rindala Bedyoun to Boardroom Metrics Arabia

If you ever need a great M&A lawyer in the MENA region, I’ve got one for you. Her name is Rindala Bedyoun. Having personally worked with Rindala on numerous M&A transactions, I have witnessed first-hand her expertise and capabilities. We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Rindala Beydoun, Founder and Managing Partner of Tribonian Law Associates, … read more

Upcoming Workshop: Finance for the non-financial executive

This workshop is for the C-suite executive who sees the accounting department as a “bunch of bean counters” and has interest in finding a finance coach. We will break down the mystique around financial statements by providing financial training on the basic financial issues that an Executive needs to feel comfortable dealing with – the … read more

Some Call it MENA, Middle East, Arabia – I Call it Opportunity!

Did you know that the term “Middle East” is a misnomer? What came to designate, in the popular press and the mass media, the region spanning from the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean on the West, to Iran on the West, was not originally intended as such. From a European centric perspective, there are 3 main … read more

Boardroom Metrics Expands Internationally – Opens Office in Dubai

Today, I’m blogging about news. We think it’s great news, not just for us but for our clients too … and I thought you might like to hear about it. A few months ago we opened Boardroom Metrics Mexico, and today I am very pleased to announce that our international expansion is continuing with the … read more

Business Valuation is Key to Any Family Business Exit Strategy

As you debate the pros and cons of effecting a partial, or full exit from your family business, it is likely that valuation will be at the front of your mind. Or at least, it should be. The business valuation discussion is key, particularly in an Emerging Market, like the UAE. As a successful businessperson, … read more

Nasser Saidi joins Boardroom Metrics

Boardroom Metrics welcomes respected Middle East leader Nasser Saidi. Nasser provides Geo-Political and Governance Advisory services to Corporate clients in the Middle East and North America. August 27, 2013 Press Release  

Should Your Family Business Have An Exit Strategy?

So you’ve worked for 15, or 30 years, or more, or you’ve taken over this business from your family, and it is thriving and successful. On a regular basis, private equity, other investors or even other corporates want to meet with you to discuss buying a stake in your business. How should this situation best … read more