Boardroom Metrics helps public, non-profit, private and governmental boards of directors to improve their governance systems, structures and processes.   Corporate boards are far more sensitive to the “public exposure” aspects of corporate governance than ever before. Corporate governance represents the legal and operational procedures that public companies institute to balance the relationship between the corporation and its constituencies, including the shareholders, the board and its committees, executive officers, employees, and customers.

When a company’s performance declines or fails over a period of time, weak corporate governance practices are often publicly cited. Corporate boards are now more aware than ever of their responsibility and their respective personal liability to ensure that the internal operations of a corporation are properly supervised and that the risks to the organization are identified and managed within acceptable limits.

Boardroom Metrics helps boards of directors and other governing bodies develop clear governance systems that clarify their role – and that of management. These systems help ensure the smooth coordination and integration of activities in public agencies, private and public corporations, and non-profits.

In a typical project, we work closely with the governing body to first assess the current form of governance – and its pros and cons. We also help the governing body define clearly what it views to be its appropriate role in the organization.

Our Governance Experts can help your board achieve greater success in these areas :

  • Leadership Delegation
  • Board skills
  • Board meetings
  • Roles on the board
  • Liability issues
  • CEO evaluation
  • Undisciplined board members, or
  • Board policies

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