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Since 1994, Boardroom Metrics has provided one-stop, confidential access to independent industry experts, professional business advisers, senior interim managers and full-time executive talent.

How effective is your Board of Directors?

Try this Board Effectiveness self-assessment

  1. Our Board is fully aware of the risks the organization is facing including legal, finance, external, operations?
    Yes  No
  2. Our Board has validated and is overseeing a strategic plan that lays out the goals and strategic priorities for the organization over the next three years?
    Yes   No
  3. Our Board has an effective process for assessing and performance-managing the CEO?
    Yes No
  4. Our Board is consistently concerned about whether it is too deeply involved in the operations of the organization?
    Yes   No

Effective Governance Boards understand and focus on their role. They avoid wasting time and effort on non-governance activities. We work with the leaders of private, public and non-profit organizations on understanding and implementing effective and practical corporate governance.

Governance Effectiveness Solutions

Jim Crocker

Meet Jim Crocker, Chair of Boardroom Metrics and Consulting Practice Leader

Jim consults and speaks on corporate governance and strategy. A veteran CEO, Director and Consultant, Jim works with public, private and not-for-profit clients, helping them identify and address opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of their governance and strategy processes. He speaks regularly to industry and trade associations on the lessons and benefits of strong governance and strategy, and best practices for achieving both.

Jim’s profile

Download our CEO Evaluation

Use this evaluation to objectively measure CEO performance versus the goals and expectations of the Board.

Key elements of this CEO evaluation template include:
• The CEO’s leadership performance
• The CEO’s management performance
• Relationship of the CEO with the Board of Directors
• The CEO’s financial stewardship of the organization
• Key accomplishments of the CEO and assessment versus Board-set goals
• Areas of CEO improvement
• Performance Development Action Plan

Download Evaluation


Top 12 Tips for Winning RFP’s and Proposals.

Download our Top 12 Tips for Winning RFP’s and Proposals
Our writing team put together these practical tips that will help you win more business through RFP’s and Proposals.

Download PDF



Meet Dean Lukehart, Professional RFP Writer

Dean Lukehart helps Clients develop Winning RFP Responses.  His professional perspective has been gleaned from 25 years of Business Development Leadership roles at influential Marketing Agencies across the U.S.A., combined with a Penn State University Journalism Degree.

Dean’s profile

A CEO, a consultant and a tube of toothpaste walk into a bar…

What successful brands and executives have in common.

  1. They know who they serve and how.
  2. They have a vision for what they want to achieve into the future.
  3. They possess a set of features and characteristics that separates them from others in the competitive marketplace.
  4. They are well known and easily findable, possessing high visibility and awareness amongst their target market audience.
  5. When they’re called on to perform, they meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

Our executive branding practice meshes our corporate branding and strategy expertise with all the lessons we’ve learning working with high profile, effective and in-demand executives. We are all hired guns now and executive branding is the key to getting and staying engaged.

Executive Branding Solutions

Meet Karen McElroy, Boardroom Metrics CEO and Executive Branding Expert

An ex-recruiter and someone who has worked with hundreds of senior executives, Karen knows immediately when a personal brand is poorly built. “We see so many executives who want to stand out, yet they look, sound and act exactly like everyone else who does what they do. That’s not a personal brand. We call that the ‘thundering herd’. It’s not helpful.”

Karen’s profile

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