Jim Crocker – Chair of Boardroom Metrics
Karen McElroy – CEO Boardroom Metrics
Doug Fisher – Accomplished Executive, Executive Coach

Summary: IT, Millennials and Professional branding. Karen worries that the midway is falling behind the times.

Topics include:
– Doug on translating experience into podcasts and blogs
– Karen on professional branding and the need to ‘narrow, not widen the net’
– Jim on developing a new website and bridging two audiences
– The Mailbox – A CEO wonders how to evaluate her IT
– Article of the week: Doug’s blog on hiring Millennials
– Boardroom Banter – storied resumes, a culture book and Blackberry falls


The Alliance by Reid Hoffman of Linkedin   http://www.theallianceframework.com/

Doug’s blog on hiring millennials  https://www.boardroommetrics.com/blog/millennial-20160705.htm

Culture at Work by Andrew Moore  https://www.amazon.com/Culture-at-Work-Andrew-Moore/dp/098756790X

This Week in Tech Podcast with Leo Laporte  https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech/episodes/570?autostart=false