How are we going to decide on OUR retirement lifestyle?

baby-boomer-housing-trends 2As a Boomer I know there is no “one size fits all” approach to moving past “midlife”. We are pioneering a new kind of retirement lifestyle to fit how we want our lives to unfold. Like all pioneers, we know where we want to go but are working on a road map on just how to get there.  I think I can help provide a couple of signposts along the way with these Baby Boomer Housing Trends that I believe will help make our minds up on just what we want in the next chapters of our lives.

  1. Aging in place – The first preference for over 60% of Boomers surveyed is to stay put in their own home, if at all possible and IF the house meets our changing needs. (More on this in my next blog The 11 Must Have List for Baby Boomers.) Some of the attributes you will want may already exist in your home, while others may be possible with renovation, but if it doesn’t meet the trends below you will definitely be leaving it behind.
  2. retirement lifestyle 2Active Lifestyles – Baby Boomers want to be active now, more than ever before.  Walking, jogging & bicycle paths, pools, recreation centers are all high on our list of activities, as we enjoy our new free time and our new found wellness routines.
  3. Upscale Finishes & Technology Friendly – We want convenience and luxury. This is particularly true in our principal rooms; master bedroom and bath, laundry room, great room and kitchen. We want all the bells and whistles, especially if they reduce maintenance and work. Smart homes and appliances, internet connectivity, terraces and decks are all part of how we see our future years.
  4. Quality of Life – This is critical for us as Baby Boomers. Proximity to potential jobs, friends and family is certainly important to our retirement lifestyle. Equally important is the need to be close to: medical and educational facilities, entertainment i.e. movies, theatres concert halls, sporting venues and of course shopping and restaurants. On the flip side we want to minimize things such as: outdoor maintenance and snow removal. Given these criteria we will quickly zero in on the physical location for our home.
  5. Proximity to and Ease of Transportation – Most Boomers are not interested in giving up their cars just yet.  So being able to walk or take public transportation to satisfy casual shopping and essential service requirements will become a bigger factor in our decision process.  As part of suburbia we drove everywhere and had a never ending to do list.  In this part of our lives we will want to take a little more time to smell the roses as we go about our lives.

It says that we are determined to live out the rest of our life in a less hectic. more casual way.  It says that we want to enjoy our lives with our friends and family in homes that provide us with comfort and convenience and that we want to be fulfilled in every way mentally, physically and emotionally. Tall order!

Okay now that we have narrowed down where we want to live what will your home actually look like? What kind of amenities will our new retirement lifestyle include for Baby Boomers to be truly happy? For this you will have to read my next blog The 11 Must Have List for Baby Boomers.

So what do you think?  Which of these trends are more important to your decision making? Have I missed any?  Please comment.

For those of you who missed the first blog of this series, please read about what baby boomers want in retirement living.