This is not new news – however it strikes me as very odd that people and companies continue to pour dollars into advertising campaigns expecting huge results.“ad-campaigns-are-dead”/

It just won’t work anymore – the consumer is a much more intelligent and sophisticated buyer. No longer do we trust the voice of advertising – it just doesn’t ring true. We need more, we need to understand the company, the culture, the people at the top, their place in the world, their place within OUR community and then the world.

With all this new criteria required by consumers – it always surprised me that companies spend a fraction of their money on their Brand.

A Brand is experience and it’s forever! We define ourselves by the Brands we choose – not by the advertising we watch!

It just makes sense to foster and nurture the Brand – advertising will come and go but a brand is forever. The following have become key decision factors when supporting a brand or make product purchases.

Culture – Understand and define the company culture, people/companies will choose the organizations they want to work with – your culture needs to be compatible

Vision – Define your corporate vision and values, make sure you can demonstrate your successes.

Community – “Think global, act local” identify your target audience as communities and speak to them differently – don’t expect the message to be the same for each community – keep your Brand consistent.

Governance – Corporate governance and transparency will be important. Your Brand it must be an “upstanding” person and live by the laws of business.

People – Get and develop great people – great companies want to work with great people. Once you have them – keep them and develop them. The longevity of the organization will rest on its people.

Sustainability – Be prepared to have a sustainability program in place – some target communities will base the vast majority of their purchase decision on the Brands sustainability programs.

Product – Have a great product and support it!

These steps may take time and prove costly – however, once you re-purpose the money you were wasting in advertising into your Brand it will provide the revenue required to produce a profit.