Yesterday’s visit to the Toronto Auto Show had a surreal feel to it.

The crowds.

The GM workers picketing outside complaining about…what were they complaining about?

The Cadillac Escalade – all $90,000 of it – wrapped in some ‘designed for the environment’ packaging.

The goofy GM stage announcer promoting the ‘new GM’. This is a company that is what?…less than a week away from declaring bankruptcy? That will certainly be new.

The $40,000+ price tags on anything larger than a Smart car.

The blatant use of the environment as a marketing ploy.

The almost complete lack of anything new, creative, practical, fun, safe, environmental…or whatever. As someone with me said….’they were cars’. Almost….

Tucked on the second level of the Rogers Center (why don’t they just call it the Skydome?) was a cool display by a company called Electro Wheels.

Disguised as ‘scooters’, these electric bicycles have everything going for them. Get this – because they are ‘bicycles’ – NO INSURANCE AND NO LICENSE. Electric, SO NO GAS. Ride them anywhere LEGALLY THAT A BICYCLE GOES. Lease one for the summer FOR $600. Buy one FOR $1200.

Other than the significant risk of getting killed by someone driving an environmentally friendly Escalade, I got the distinct sense of a company and a product that is going places.

Josh, the very knowledgeable sales rep pointed out that although Electo Wheels are everything a tree-hugger would crave, it’s not what sells them. What sells them is the no cost and the fun. He kept saying “get one and I guarantee it won’t stay in the garage”.

Sounds like a gas.