By Greg Berube.

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I can’t believe what I’m hearing or what I’m reading – the brain trust at RIM still believe they are in the running. Their CEO clearly doesn’t listen to the news or is trapped in a utopian dream.

Toronto Star Article: Published on Thursday July 05, 2012

The company is in a death spiral with no direction out – the Brand is dying with him, perhaps the only equity that’s left.

It’s time to save the ship and the Brand!

Ignoring the problems – and there are many, and putting on a brave face only confuses the consumer and insults their intelligence at the same time. The Brand experience has become embarrassing and painful for most Blackberry users. If you’re spotted with a RIM device condolences, sympathy and laughter are the main reactions. The user, or Brand carrier/disciple is left defending not only his position but also the position of RIM.

Is this anyway to treat your customers or your Brand – can they be that blind..?

The only “thing” that might be saved out of this complete disaster may be the name “Blackberry” – once an icon in the industry. There are a number of these devices out there in the market sill – no one is going to buy a dead Brand.

If we define ourselves by the Brand we keep – why would we keep a Brand that’s on it’s way out. It has no chance to redeem itself – even if RIM could produce the best device in the marketplace, I doubt anyone would believe them – given their history of ignoring the problem.

RIM and their brand Blackberry have failed to grow the Brand as their target market demanded more or different stuff. Their inabilities to read the customer wants and provide a pathway for growth for the products has caused serious problems. The Brands entry points have been limited and the product offering has remained the same stuff wrapped up in different ways.

I doubt they will survive – it’s time to let your loyal consumers know – exactly what is going to happen to save the Brand – I am not sure even they know.

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