Michael Mangialardo is a results driven business strategist with over thirty years of outstanding achievement. Michael became a Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executive in August 2010.

A Mentor is More Than a Coach

While many mentors can perform the fundamental role of coaching — to help someone reach a specific goal, few executive coaches have enough business experience to perform the fundamental role of mentoring — to help someone successfully navigate through their personal and business lives by offering advice, solutions, new tools and the power of personal experience.

Executive Coaching

Typically, Executive Coaches are specialists in a certain topic, competency or industry and are usually engaged to help someone reach a pre-determined goal.  Using their definitive knowledge and tools, they work with executives to identify the behavior change required to attain a specific outcome.  In short, Coaches tend to be goal and performance oriented.

Executive Mentoring

Mentors tend to be successful and seasoned business executives who offer broad career experience and deep accumulated wisdom.  They typically ‘walk alongside’ a business owner or executive and freely engage in discussions on a wide range of personal and business topics.  They are at ease offering advice and solutions, and tend to act more like partners than coaches. And because mentors are usually executives who have ‘been there – done that’, they are both a

source of knowledge as well as Socratic questioner when an executive needs help or advice on a new idea or personal challenge. In short, a mentor is a trusted advisor with broad business knowledge and a highly developed EQ.

Some personal benefits of working with an Executive Mentor:

  • A better understanding of where you are in relation to where you want to be
  • The clarity that comes with having a focused conversation with an experienced advisor
  • The sense of well-being you’ll receive when talking to someone who listens with your best interests in mind
  • The excitement and motivation you’ll feel when challenged to go beyond where you could go by yourself
  • The feeling of security that comes with a discreet mentoring relationship
  • The comfort of exploring options with someone you respect and trust
  • The confidence you will feel when creating goal-oriented, strategically sound action plans with someone who believes in your abilities
  • The feeling of relief that comes when you make a decision to do what you ‘want’ to do instead of doing what you think you ‘should’ do
  • The sense of personal pride you will experience when you reach your stated goals
  • The feeling of control when you finally take charge of your career and life

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About Boardroom Metrics Mentoring and Coaching

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