I’m passing along this article on age bias and social media because it seems timely and relevant.

Age bias isn’t anything any of us want to think about.  However, it’s something we hear more and more about.  Adapting to change is something I really believe in and can help with.  As we age, we must keep current and this includes understanding and using Social Media.

On a personal level I can tell you that adapting through the use of social media has been important for me. The results have been immediately noticeable. I regularly hear from colleagues, clients, friends and family who now view me as being “modern” and “in the game”. This not only boosts my confidence, but the learning keeps me actively engaged – and it truly makes me feel more vital.  It is a fabulous feeling and it continues to encourage me to keep on learning every day.

What we do know about social media is this:  as soon as you try it…new ideas will begin to form – and then it can become fun as well as a great outlet for sharing your knowledge, expertise, ideas and opinions. It will help you be more creative too.  And with all of those processes in motion, it can certainly help you clearly define your career and consulting focus, going forward.

Everybody must get up to speed on LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, Youtube, Facebook and Slideshare options. No matter of your age or what point in your career you are currently at.  Social media will help keep your mind active and challenged and it can certainly open up new opportunities for networking and finding  meaningful work and new clients. Or just re-connecting with past colleagues and friends.

It’s time.  Give it a shot.  Let me know if I can help.

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