Over the past week, executives at Boardroom Metrics have been getting to know the uniquely accomplished players at Strategic Red Team Consulting (SRTC).

Based in Ottawa, Strategic Red Team Consulting is comprised of ex, very senior Officers and Directors from the Canadian Armed Forces and related Services.

Led by Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Fred Aubin, Strategic Red Team Consulting provides strategic consulting services to corporations in Canada and around the world.

The nature of Boardroom Metrics’ alliance with SRTC includes:

  • Resource collaboration on interim management and war gaming
  • Promoting each others’ service offerings
  • Positively supporting each other using social media

Ultimately, as a result of working together, our mutual goal is to identify opportunities, share learning, leverage unique resources and better meet client needs.

Coming from military roots, the products and services offered by Strategic Red Team Consulting are uniquely suited to organizations that see the corporate battlefield as a challenging one.

Corporate and Executive level Wargaming is one of SRTC’s core offerings.  Based on historically proven military practices, Wargaming is an intensive adversary-based competitive role-playing methodology. Wargaming promotes increased knowledge based decision making, risk mitigation, innovation and confidence.  In partnership with Queen’s University School of Business, SRTC also offers their Wargaming methodologies and professional disciplines through the Queen’s University Executive WarGaming Program.

Another core SRTC offering concentrates on strategic competitive targeting with their comprehensive Intelligence Preparation for the Corporate Battlefield. SRTC describes it is as ‘SWOT on steroids’. Corporate leaders interested in precisely targeting their strategic priorities will find the SRTC approach very comforting.

At Boardroom Metrics we are very pleased to ally with Strategic Red Team Consulting. SRTC’s service offering is very unique and the SRTC team is highly accomplished in some very challenging and important areas of expertise – and business.

Working together with Strategic Red Team Consulting brings significant additional skills, expertise and services to Boardroom Metrics clients.