J.A. Souza is a former Brazilian legislator and business executive. He is an expert on doing business in Brazil and a member of the Accomplished Executive team at Boardroom Metrics.


The Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper has taken the first steps to expand trade with Brazil, the world’s seventh largest economy.  Creation of the Canada-Brazil CEO Forum can be considered a crucial step towards paving the economic avenues between Canada and Brazil.

The invitation of Mr. Murilo Ferreira as a Vice-President Member was a savvy decision. Mr Ferreira, Vale’s CEO, has strong ties with the Canadian and Brazilian economies. A seasoned Brazilian executive, Mr. Feffeira headed Inco’s take over in 2006, transforming Vale, the world’s largest iron mining company, into the second largest mining corporation in the world. Mr. Ferreira was recently elected to be Vale’s President, a decision of Vale’s Board of Governors.

Vale is controlled by power players like Bradesco, the second largest private bank in Brazil, Fundação Previ, a powerful foundation with great investments in theCountry, and BNDES, the government Brazilian bank for the economic and social development. These players can open doors to Canadian corporations with strong relations creating new ventures and opportunities.

Brazilian and Canadian executives can take this opportunity to join forces, create synergies, and participate in large projects, especially the ones designated to revitalize cities where the 2014 World Soccer Cup will take place, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

It is redundant to say that the Brazilian and Canadian economies are experiencing an economic period different from European countries and United States. However, this is the moment were CEO’s and entrepreneurs in Canadian and Brazilian corporations can find ways to succeed in cross-border projects. The decisions emanating from the Canada-Brazil CEO Forum will be taken between members of private corporations. Canada-Brazil CEO Forum is independent.  It is not a Mercosur decision.