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Brad Ysseldyk has built an exceptional reputation developing markets and channel partnerships on an international scale. Delivering innovative solutions and forging leading partnerships internationally, he influences decision-makers at the highest level.

Creativity vs. the ‘It is What it is’ Strategy

By: Brad Ysseldyk, February 20, 2012 “It is what it is”. This was the  unofficial strategic vision of a company that I visited frequently over the years.  I heard this mantra  repeatedly and watched uncomfortably as complacency set in and the company nearly failed. Competitive advantages were lost, future product development lagged, and customers began [...]

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Leadership Lost in a Sea of Leaders

Although somewhat cliché, “building leaders of tomorrow” seems to be a common mantra of business schools the world over. Considering the financial melt-down that has kept the world economy in the doldrums for the past 3 years, some might suggest that a focus on leadership is long overdue. At the same time, it could be [...]

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