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About Jim Crocker

Jim Crocker is the founder and current Chair of Boardroom Metrics. He is an experienced Director, CEO and Consultant to public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Jim coaches Boards, CEO’s and Leadership teams on strategic planning and governance effectiveness.

Avoiding Corporate Governance Failures

Avoiding Corporate Governance Failures Begins With Better Understanding the Board's Oversight Role Boardroom Metrics has been involved in corporate governance consulting now for over twenty years. We’ve also served as Directors for public, private and not-for-profits organizations.  Here’s what we’ve learned about avoiding corporate governance failures: The #1 reason for corporate governance failures is that [...]

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The Governance Mistake of CEO as Board Chair

Board Oversight and Corporate Governance Question: of the following Board types, which one means oversight? Advisory Board? Operating Board? Governance Board? Not a tough question, right? The answer is Governance Board. So, if the role of a Governance Board means oversight, how come so many public companies elect their CEO’s as Board Chair? Role of [...]

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Two Ways To Become a Better RFP Response Writer

For Those Who Want to Be Better RFP Response Writers We help clients write strong RFP responses and win business. With nine writers, a proof reader, copy editor and three graphic artists, most of the time we do the actual RFP response writing for clients. These links will take you to insight on why many [...]

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Tired of Typos? Toronto Proofreader and Copy Editor

  Typo Finder Joins the Boardroom Metrics Business Writing Team The Boardroom Metrics writing team keeps expanding. We now provide copy editing and proofreading services along with our RFP, content writing, and writing project management services. This brings the total number of writing specialists on our team to twelve. Are you tired of typos? Do you [...]

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Private Boardroom Rental Tips

Boards working on strategic planning or other governance priorities will frequently rent a private boardroom outside the organization’s offices. Whether the boardroom rental is at a resort hotel or a downtown office service, not all private boardrooms are equal. As an external Board facilitator, I’ve had the opportunity to observe what makes good and bad [...]

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Corporate Governance Speaker – Jim Crocker

Corporate Governance Speaker Shares High Profile Lessons Learned Jim Crocker, Chair of Boardroom Metrics is a seasoned corporate governance speaker and facilitator. Jim has consulted in the field of corporate governance for many years. He was first exposed to the challenges of strong corporate governance as a public company CEO. As a Director, Jim has [...]

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Association Governance Trends

Association Governance - Evolving From Operations to Oversight Here are the most common trends we are observing in Association governance: Board roles are being redefined to focus on governance and oversight from operations and staff direction. Board composition is being realigned towards risk, strategy and subject matter expertise from member representation. Board operating processes and [...]

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Five Questions For a Startup Board Chair

Recently, I was contacted by a friend looking for some governance insight. She had been approached to be the Chair of a young, fast growing start-up. Although she didn’t have any Board experience, there were many logical reasons the start-up had reached out to her. My friend wanted to understand everything she could about being [...]

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