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Jim Crocker is an experienced Director, CEO and Consultant to public, private and not-for-profit organizations. At Boardroom Metrics he coaches Boards, CEO’s and Leadership teams on strategic planning and governance effectiveness.

Corporate Governance: How to Improve a Board Self Assessment

Board self-assessments are an important corporate governance tool. However, Board self-assessments that over-rate the effectiveness of the Board of Directors can damage a Board's ability to govern more effectively. On this Podcast Jim Crocker urges Board of Directors to take a more objective, informed look at corporate governance and leave room to improve their Governance [...]

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Five simple tips to make Board strategic planning more effective

Five simple tips to make Board strategic planning more effective A Board has three roles: identifying and mitigating risk, validating and overseeing the strategic plan and performance managing the CEO. Regarding the strategic plan, there is lots of governance confusion. Many Boards see it as their role to develop the strategic plan.  They don’t need [...]

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How Board Self-Assessments Kill Corporate Governance

How many governance Boards of Directors think they’ve nailed corporate governance because their own internal self-assessment says so? There are several (obvious?) reasons why self-assessments are dangerous. Lack of competency. The truth is, most Boards and most Directors struggle with key concepts of corporate governance. If you’ve ever seen two Boards or two Directors define [...]

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A Simpler Board Role, Better Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance: Board Effectiveness We’ve been involved in corporate governance consulting now for over twenty years. We’ve also served as Directors for public, private and not-for-profits organizations. Here’s what we’ve learned about corporate governance: Every Board of Directors we’ve ever met has cared deeply about providing strong governance. Individual Directors care just as deeply. The [...]

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How a Toronto Cop Has Gone Big with the Biggest

In this Podcast: Craig D'Souza was a Toronto police officer. Now he heads up investigations for Facebook and their related companies including Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. In conversation with Jim, Craig shares his career journey and what it's like to work at one of the worlds largest and best run tech companies. From building connections [...]

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Outsource Writer for RFP Responses

How Outsourcing Your RFP Proposal Response Will Make Your Business Better There are actually some people in the world who love the challenge of responding to an RFP.  They’re organized, good with details, strong writers, expert researchers and ok working to a tight deadline. Sometimes, they’re even fun and know how to work on a [...]

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How to Update your Toronto Executive Personal Brand

How to Update your Toronto Executive Personal Brand Over the past seven years we’ve talked to hundreds of executives in Toronto and all over the world about their personal brands. Many are over forty and looking for their next corporate role. Some have decided to go ‘post-corporate’ and redefine themselves as a consultant or some [...]

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Top 12 Tips for Responding to RFP’s – What We’ve Learned from Clients on Winning Bids

Writing a winning proposal takes some planning, time and skill. Over the years we’ve worked with clients on hundreds of responses. We’ve worked with large organizations and small ones. Regardless of size, there are some clear ways to succeed. Stepping back a little, here’s our list of the top twelve tips for writing a winning [...]

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