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J.A. Martinez Souza is a former State Finance Minister (Brazil) and a business executive. He is based in Canada and is an expert on doing business in Brazil.

Auditing and Forensic Accounting

2019-01-05T12:51:14-04:00August 11th, 2011|Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Governance, News|

I have been observing that companies providing auditing, compliance, and assurance are investing in multidisciplinary teams to perform forensic accounting services. The market for accounting professionals in the forensics stream seems to be growing. After the Enron & WorldCom era, measures were taken to comply with new requirements but, most recently, the sub-prime mortgage crisis gave to shareholders and public in general the idea that boards, audit committees, and public accounting firms, failed to prevent fraudulent operations. Why were they unsuccessful? What could be done by corporations besides implementation of proper regulation? It is certain that one of the solutions lies on how corporations will expand their policies of fraud prevention.