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Milkaholic Lindsay

Did I read that Lindsay Lohan is suing e-trade for $100 million? And I'm going after Jungle Gym. Love these ads.

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Clarifying Learning to Speak…and Not Writing Reports

People have asked what I meant in my last post when I said I stopped doing client reports after leaving my first consulting job. Did I stop consulting?The answer is no. I've done 20 more years of consulting after that. But I changed my approach a lot. From my first consulting job, it was clear [...]

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Learning to Speak

"If you had to pick someone as a public speaking role model, who would it be?" my instructor asked."Public speaking role model?" I said."Ummm...""You say umm too much", she said."Gee, you sound like my wife."I've gone back to school - to become a great public speaker.  Step back a bunch of years. First I was [...]

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Lessons from PodCamp Toronto 2010 #pcto2010

Lesson 1: there is no better time to know a little or a lot about 'social media' - you're in demand. There were something like 1600 people signed up in Toronto yesterday. I didn't check, but I'll bet the first podcamp had something like 12 people show up.Lesson 2: business is catching on, catching up [...]

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Thanks for the Concern

No, I'm not 22 and jobless or 52 and feeling unappreciated. But I could use a good proof-reader. It seems when I under-punctuated my last post - the first paragraph came off like I was down, out and who knows what? Friends were calling to see if I was ok.I'm fine. Reflecting their concerns, I've [...]

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Instant Value from Twitter – Twitter Search

Although Twitter awareness has broken through almost everywhere in the business world, there's still lots of people questioning its value.Here's some advice I find myself giving that frequently seems to be a surprise - don't worry about broadcasting on Twitter - use it for search.   Search for anything - companies I know are using [...]

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Video Branding Follow-up and Example

Last night I got this email from an ex-client and good friend Flavio Gomes. Flav is co-founder and President of Logisense Corporation. EngageIP, Logisense's IP billing platform is used by customers worldwide. It's a great example of the use of video for both personal and professional branding.

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Personal Branding – To Video or Not to Video

Over a year ago now I threw this video up on YouTube to prove I had a sense of humor. It's a silly video. I did it to offset the feedback on my other videos that I look way too serious. Some just misinterpreted it as a demonstration of my skills with a felt marker. Video [...]

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