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Mark Pepper, IMCC, ensures content is easy to find, understand, and remember. As an Information Mapping Certified Consultant, Mark helps people to benefit from the knowledge shared by industry experts. Mark also helps Boardroom Metrics’ accomplished executives to craft effective blogs.

How to build requirement documents that work

Requirements documents come in a variety of flavours, including marketing, business, and product requirements. Although the specific content varies between each type of requirements document, the purpose remains the same. A requirements document must communicate requirements so that someone can determine a solution. Why do requirement documents fail? In many cases, requirement documents fail to [...]

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Writing emails which get results

The best written email is one that doesn't need to be opened, and yet still gets the results you want. How can an email work if someone doesn't open it? Do you really need someone to read your email? The answer to these questions is surprisingly simple, but requires a degree of forethought. What is [...]

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