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Performance Contracting EQUALS Looking Ahead. Forward thinking companies understand what they are leveraging when they make a hire or promote into the C-Level Executive Suite. Millions of profit and operating cost dollars are at stake. The decision is about far more than the Executive’s compensation.

Performance Contracting for Employee Engagement

Harvey Schachter’s column on business books in Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper is one of the better reads on what’s what in business publishing. He has just listed  his top ten business books of 2011. His first pick is “The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins To Ignite Joy, Engagement and Creativity at Work”. As I [...]

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How to Performance Contract for Organization Turnaround

Over the last two years, at executive networking sessions, I have heard hundreds of executives describe themselves as being excellent at turnarounds. As I listened, I realized that they were describing their process improvement skills, not their organizational turnaround abilities. Mainly, they were talking about fixing up part of the whole, not turning around the [...]

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In Search of Excellence? Update Your Performance Appraisal Approach

Employee satisfaction surveys still tell us, like they have for the past forty years, that employees do not believe that performance appraisal helps them improve their performance. So why are managers not listening? There are a variety of reasons. Some have to do with organizational inertia. Some have to do with the fact that managers appreciate the re-enforcement of the relative power positions inherent in performance appraisal.

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How to keep the “Ho, Ho, Ho” in Performance Appraisal Season

Blog by Roelf Woldring. Roelf has been a successful CEO and CIO.  He develops Performance Contracts for your C-Level Executive Suite.  Roelf Woldring is an Accomplished Executive with Boardroom Metrics. ~~~***~~~ How to keep the “Ho, Ho, Ho” in performance appraisal season: Are you, like thousands of managers, dreading the performance appraisals that you need [...]

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