As an accomplished Boardroom Metrics executive, working with smart, forward thinking business leaders is something I relish.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with a private business owner who is adopting simple leading-edge automation provided by one of my clients.

John owns a real estate management business which services over 1000 buildings on a regular maintenance schedule.

ProntoForms enables organizations to mobilize business processes, on commonly deployed mobile devices (Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad,…), in minutes, increasing productivity and eliminating paper.

When I asked John “why are you implementing this mobilization?” his first answer was the obvious: cost savings, productivity, happier workers.

But then, he continued, “This is going to give me a leading-edge image that will be key when I diversify into other services. No one is doing this, and they will likely not do it as effectively as our approach. The execution of our services will be more consistent and replicable with every new worker”.

His final point surprised me and caught my attention, “With this new tool, I will also be able to help my customer AUTOMATE their business.”

“Automate their business?”, I asked.

“Why?  Are you looking for commissions?”

I loved his answer: “It’s all about customer service and relationship.  I’m in a very competitive business – I want to stand out, differentiate myself and be as easy to work with as possible. They will remember me and hopefully I can gain their loyalty and trust.”

Stepping back, my wheels started spinning.

This shrewd and passionate businessman is not only managing Profitability and Growth through leading-edge, cost-effective automation.  He is also investing in Sustainability through predictable processes, a branded image, differentiated customer relationships that provide “insurance”.    John will surely continue to succeed and one day his brand and assets will have terrific and TRANSFERABLE Value!!!