Eleven months ago was my last post. Over that time I got thoroughly immersed in a fascinating role/project. The time required took my eye completely off the blogging ball. Good news is I probably learned a lot over the last 11 months that should make some great content for the blog.

Looking back at my earlier posts I see some stuff that still intrigues.

Still a big fan of my ipod. Stopped listening to podcasts a while ago. Was getting enough business stimulation without listening to assorted other genius. More into music than ever in my life.

Did take action on our web publishing business. Found a natural buyer for 2 of our sites. 10xed our investment. In about a year. Really. Looking at getting back into the website renovation business. Concept is no different than buying, renovating and selling beat up houses for a big profit. Stay tuned.

Also, the Google/ad/monetization of data model appears to be going stronger than ever. Biggest regret is being too chicken to buy either Google..or RIM at their ridiculously inflated prices a year or so ago – which now look ridiculously cheap. And I’m the business. Moron.

Other than that…lots new. For future posts.