After you have “Set your Goal” for using twitter, the next part of a successful twitter strategy is to listen and learn. People who listen and learn on Twitter are those who are usually the most successful.

One of the fundamentals of being an excellent conversationalist is good listening skills.

Take a day and just listen to the amazing real-time stream of information Twitter provides. By “listen” I mean read tweets at your convenience. Twitter offers a unique opportunity to observe how others use the tool.

Start by observing what’s working for other people by using the twitter search tool with keywords and phrases that pertain to your goal. Notice people… learn what tweets people like and know which tweets result in conversion. Identify the leaders in your industry and the influencers in your area of expertise. Read what they post. Who catches your eye? Who and what do you seem to pay attention to? Learn from those who are doing it well.

Check out my previous blog on “The Power of Twitter Listening” for some specific techniques to listening with Twitter.

From your initial listening observations you can determine your target audience persona, the ‘Tweeple’ that you want to be having conversations with. You can determine new keywords and trends which will help you with great ideas to create future twitter content.

‘Listening’ acts as a guide through the ever-changing and interesting world of Twitter. Learning from listening will help you develop a better strategy.

In my next blog, I will discuss the third step to a successful Twitter strategy.