Best Advice I Ever Got…from Tiger

Just reading Fortune’s ‘Best Advice I Ever Got’ (July 6, 2009 issue).

Overall, the advice seems pretty mundane – work hard, follow your dreams, perception is reality.

I like Tiger’s story the best:

When I was young, maybe 6 or 7 years old, I’d play on the Navy golf course with my pop. My dad would say, “Okay, where do you want to hit the ball?” I’d pick a spot and say I want to hit it there. He’d shrug and say, “Fine, then figure out how to do it.” He didn’t position my arm, adjust my feet, or change my thinking. He just said go ahead and hit the darn ball. My dad’s advice to me was to simplify. He knew that at my age I couldn’t digest all of golf’s intricacies. He kept it simple: If you want to hit the ball to a particular spot, figure out a way to do it. Even today, when I’m struggling with my game, I can still hear him say, “Pick a spot and just hit it.”

Have a goal. Keep it simple. Think it through. Execute.

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