Governance2Are you a Manager or a Governor?

By the end of this short series you will be better informed of the differences between Management and Governance   – and be able to reflect on your board and your contribution to it.

I recently met a fellow, lets call him Tom, who sits on a board of directors for an organization that supports a cause he cares deeply about. He is an engineer by training and a member of his family was struck by the disease this organization is involved with.


When I asked him what is his role on the board, he explained that it is about ‘oversight’; that is, making sure the CEO was doing her job properly.

Many people volunteer their time to spend on a board of directors for various reasons. Often it is in order to ‘give back’ or because they care for the cause and want to ‘make a contribution’. Sometimes it is for the professional development or the ‘cache’ attached to their professional or trade association for example.

Yet when I asked Tom what training has he had to be a board member his answer was ‘none’. In fact, after a few minutes’ conversation it became apparent that he was not even really sure what his role was, and was not able to distinguish between management and governance.

The slide deck below is the first of a three-part series in what is governance and what is the role of a board of directors.

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