Chrystine Langille is an award-winning Fortune 100 leadership coach who believes great leadership always takes results to the next level, especially when you kick it up a notch!

Week 3 of our four-week boot camp for leaders focuses on two-way communication. Effective communication has been proven key to productivity, morale, retention and innovation.

“I know that” you might say.  “We’re all over it, too.  We’ve got regular team check-ins at all levels, monthly emails, bi-monthly televised town halls, annual conferences, manager-direct report ongoing meetings, quarterly results updates, informal BBQ’s; beer nights … you name it.”

The dictionary defines communication as “sharing or exchanging information or ideas… to convey, pass on, connect.”  So communication that really works has a feedback loop built into it… Does yours?  Are the communication tools you’re using as a leader creating connection and exchange in a relevant, specific way with each of the stakeholders that matter to you?

Your 90 minute exercise this week:

As a quick way to check-in on the effectiveness of your communication, think of an important partner or stakeholder – a direct report, your boss, an important client – and answer the following questions.  It may show you some potential hot spots:

  1. How is the important stakeholder: (individuals/groups in/outside company impacted by your decisions (e.g. reports, peers, manager, global leaders, vendors, partners, associates, etc.)?
  2. What is your common goal?
  3. What are the ways you communicate now?
  4. What do you communicate about?
  5. Does it address what you need to do to meet your common goal?
  6. Is it two-way communication?
  7. What do you need to communicate about, to maximize your joint success right now?
  8. What’s a simple way you can make that critical two-way communication happen?

Here’s a simple and informal ongoing communication suggestion to identify and deal with what’s most important… ask yourselves regularly what questions or concerns you have right now, about anything associated with the business and your work together.  In our experience, the two-way communication will flow!

Next Week (4) … Leading High Performance Teams