By Greg Berube

Greg Berube is a Strategic Branding expert. He works on integrated communications and go-to-market strategies with a diverse group of international clients including Johnson & Johnson, Tim Horton’s, Parmalat, Bank of Bermuda, Vincor, E-Mart, McCain’s, Safeway and TD Bank.

We are defined by the brands we choose and put into our lives daily. A positive brand experience will re-enforce the customer brand encounter, this positive happening can/will create additional revenues in the future.

This experience will convert the customer into a Brand “carrier” – someone who has no fear in participating with in the brands unwritten guidelines or lifestyle. Soon they will become a Brand disciple – this person will have such confidence with the brand, they will spread the word and attach their name to the product. This is true “relationship marketing” – consumers willing to risk their reputation for your Brand.

This becomes a powerful chain and enforces a strong bond between the consumers. When developing or evolving a brand, look forward to review your target audience with attention to their present position but allow them room to grow – as their positive experience grows, they will want more, give them runway within your product line – this will allow for increased revenues.

Looking backward – build enough flexibility for new or “early adopting” consumers;  give them more than one entry point, through product or experience – once they have participated within the brand and gained a positive occurrence they will also increase the revenue stream.

Be brave with your brand – but pay particular attention to your target audience – – they will be a true guiding light.