By Greg Berube.

Greg Berube is a trusted brand thought leader who delivers results to organizations seeking to develop their brand impact and growth.  Brand health and growth is a necessity of a well-maintained and profitable organization. Without a well-formulated strategic plan Brand disaster and lost revenues are inevitable.


Brand Loyalty is the consumer’s conscious or unconscious decision. It occurs because the consumer perceives the brand offers the right product features, image, or level of quality. Brands must reinforce habits by reminding them of the value of their purchase and encourage them to continue purchasing those products in the future.

The image surrounding a company’s brand is the principal source of its competitive advantage and is therefore a valuable strategic asset. Unfortunately, many companies are not adept at disseminating a strong, clear message that distinguishes their brand. A strong Brand or logo can also help to generate Brand loyalty by making it quickly identifiable.

6 Ways to Create Brand Loyalty

1. Be Better than Anyone.

What is your one thing and how can you do it better than anyone? This is not to say to only have one product but more to focus on what you really do better than anyone else.

2. Belonging

Create a sense of belonging via a “community” that is exclusive to your brand to give people a reason to want to wear that badge.

3. Credibility

This is more than doing what you say you will or a product that does what you say it will. Remember, we are talking about how to build loyalty with the tools available. Well done, aesthetically pleasing and user focused organized websites; materials and profiles give a sense of credibility, which leads to trust.

4. Accessibility

This ties into belonging as if the “right” person is accessible; people want to associate with the CEO of the company. This is where the humanization of the brand comes to life.

 5. “Connect-ability”

How do you speak to your audience?  Learn to talk like they do or teach them how you want them to talk about you. This is widely used with tag lines and the brand message, however, there are times that a brand takes on a new “language” that is driven by the audience.  Know this and adopt it.

6. Repeat

Stay on top of what consumers are saying and avoid being stale or changing too fast.  Be proactive and not reactive to try and pull people back as once they are gone, they are gone.

Brand loyalty is more than the product itself.  It has to perform well, actually better than any alternative so there is no alternative in the mind of the consumer or your profits.

What have you done to create brand loyalty?