Most organizations neglect the forward thinking of their Brand and it’s Means and Meaning in the consumer and corporate world. The majority of organizations generally breathe a sigh of relief when the Brand has been determined – “there that’s done” is generally the attitude – nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you really think that some of the world’s most successful brands that have appealed to consumers for so long – not to mention generate a consistent and ever growing revenue stream, grew due to neglect? Nobody could be that naive, could they??

  • Successful brand maintenance has become a survival factor for businesses.
  • To develop, shape, promote and maintain a brand is a never-ending task.
  • Developing a successful brand means being uncompromising and always alert.

Companies and their brands are a unit. Over the period of determined time the brand and all that it touches must be reviewed to ensure its relevance and that it is relating to the desired target audience(s).

  1. Market review – New competitors in your arena?
  2. Service offering review – New services or discontinuing services
  3. Target audience – Get it right, have they changed
  4. Turn the ship – Set a specific course
  5. Define your position – Ensure you’re relevant
  6. Discover your POD – Check it – make sure it communicates
  7. Graphic Identity – Updating is important
  8. Get the word out – Let the world know – change is good?
  9. Stand for something – Be bold, own something
  10. Keep on Target – Make sure you keep your message clean and to the point.?

Again – this is generally an exercise that happens in a time of crisis and always revolves around loss of revenues or a declining customer base. A total review and rebrand will cost big money to create and then introduce plus support – not to mention that the consumer base may reject the message. Rather than consistent review and care over a prescribed period of time.

In the scope of brand maintenance leadership, there must be an adequate orientation on the corporate strategy, corporate objectives plus corporate values to provide for a consistent appearance. In order for brand leadership to develop steadily and revenues to maintain their growth, consistent attention is required.

Brands are the ‘crown jewels’ of a business.