With the inevitable news released tonight that RIM’s business is hurting badly and lay-offs are coming, lots of RIM employees are scrambling to update their resumes and rev up their LinkedIn connections.

Beating the rush is on many people’s minds.

For those scrambling to sort out options and get their personal brands in shape, here are some thoughts:

  1. Definitely do make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date.
  2. Get creative on personal branding. Lots of people are going to have LinkedIn profiles listing RIM as their last role. To stand out, consider videos, Twitter, Facebook and other social media including blogging. Focus on creativity, skills, knowledge and other non-RIM experiences.
  3. Don’t just rush to get your next corporate gig. For many, now is the time to consider a career outside of corporate.  Your options include everything from starting (or buying) your own tech (or any other product) company through starting your own consulting (or any service) business.

Boardroom Metrics can help. We work with executives and others who have made or in the process of making the transition to work life outside the corporation. There doesn’t even need to be an employment gap on your resume.

We assist with services ranging from personal branding and promotion, through training and coaching on skills like consulting and social media.  We also source permanent and contract work, making business opportunities and leads available to Program members.

If you are thinking that now is the time to consider leaving the corporation behind, this video from a live webinar by Karen McElroy of Boardroom Metrics on life after the corporation may help.

More information on programs that Boardroom Metrics provides for those making the transition to post-corporate work life can be found here on our website.