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Why a Writer’s Craft is Only Half the Story

To write is to orchestrate; to arrange, to organize, to direct, in essence, to conduct. Exercising your writer’s craft is a two part process and conducting a story well, means allowing the music to be created by your reader’s mind. In my previous blog, I suggested ways to boost creative thinking. This blog is about [...]

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Nine Ways to Boost Lateral Thinking for Writers

Can you boost lateral thinking? In my previous blog, I described how lateral thinking can be a resource for writers. It is that flash of insight, intuition or epiphany; that ‘eureka’ moment. Stress, lack of sleep or simply following the same routines everyday tends to shut it down. But it can be tamed, trained and [...]

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Lateral Thinking: Every Writer’s Resource

Instinct, epiphany, intuition, it’s that ‘aha’ moment we’ve all experienced. Lateral thinking is every writer’s resource where ideas and insights emerge suddenly and without warning. It’s the powerhouse of raw expression behind the mechanics of writing. For example, I’ve been working through the first draft of a short story whose end market (I hope) will [...]

Storytelling Part 3 – The “Creative Squad”

Ron Caughlin - Innovative Marketer and Master Storyteller As a continuation of my “Storytelling” series, last week we explored how to get started creating a story that gets noticed with the good old fashion Creative Brief.  This tried and true technique allows you to focus your energy and categorize your creative thoughts on a story.  [...]

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Storytelling – A Tale of ONE Hot Dog

Ron Caughlin - Innovative Marketer and Master Storyteller Last week I introduced in my first blog on “Storytelling”, the power of uncapping the left side of your brain to creatively conceive a story that gets noticed.  Storytelling is fundamentally part of our DNA and really adds that extra something when defining brands.  Storytelling gets out [...]

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Google Docs Accelerates Team Productivity Through Active Participation

It is a cliché, but some of the most important discoveries have been by accident. I stumbled upon Google Docs when working with 2 colleagues on a report - we were in 3 different cities and had a tight deadline, and MS-Word was not working for us (even with the file stored on a WebDAV [...]

Route to Market Series #5: Have your Competition changed their Route to Market?

Route to Market – is your Sales Organization Optimized?  When was the last time you reviewed the structure of your Sales Organization? How has the marketplace changed since then? Many Companies review their business strategy on a regular basis, but very few pause to look at the selling environment they are competing in and the appropriateness [...]

The Big Brands Don’t Always Win!

The bigger the brand, the more power they have and the more profit they generate. Although this sounds reasonable, it’s not always the case. Most brands will have in their strategic planning something that talks about growth either new or organic. However the planning, implementation and executing all need to work together to achieve the desired [...]