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Process Optimization Part 4 – The 5 Why’s

Process Optimization Part 4 Welcome to the final part in our series on process improvement. Over the past few weeks we have seen some tools that can help boost productivity to achieve greater customer satisfaction for example: CTQ , SIPOC, MUDA types of waste, Pareto charts, Kano diagrams, RUMBA and how to mitigate risk. Today [...]

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Process Optimization: Tools You can USE Part 4 of 4

Hello again, In this final segment on Process Optimization using Six Sigma tools, we focus on drilling down to root cause, to solve challenges while avoiding issue recurrence. The 5 Whys is simple yet incredibly powerful, to hone in on which process to improve, without laying blame.     More visually, an Ishikawa diagram can [...]

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Process Optimization – Ready to RUMBA?

Process Optimization - Ready to RUMBA? Hello again everyone. I hope 2016 is treating you well so far. We have been identifying some tools that help boost productivity, by defining and prioritizing what to do, to achieve greater customer satisfaction, e.g: CTQ , SIPOC, "NOWTIME" (the 7 Types of waste), Pareto and Kano diagrams.   [...]

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Process Optimization: Tools You can Use Part 3 of 4

Process Optimization Part 3 Welcome back everyone. In our Process Optimization series we are becoming familiar with some Six Sigma concepts and tools that can easily be picked up and used to help any organization improve efficiency. Today we identify 2 concepts that can really help mitigate risk: Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) which may [...]

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Process Optimization for Quality Control

Process Optimization Part 2 Welcome back to our Process Optimization series, kicking off 2016 with a bang! Last week we started looking at some tools, based on the SIX SIGMA methodology, that may be useful to help boost your productivity.   We recall that SIGMA symbolizes deviation from perfection and SIX SIGMA, more specifically, is [...]

Process Optimization: Tools You Can Use Part 2 of 4

Hello again, Welcome to part 2 of our Process Optimization series. Now that we know that Six Sigma simply symbolizes degree of deviation from perfection, we select some Six Sigma tools to enable us to achieve greater efficiencies to exceed our customers' expectations. Last time CTQ and SIPOC helped us better define requirements. Today, discover [...]

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Process Optimization Critical-to-Quality Tools

Thank you for joining me, as we share a few tips and process optimization tools to gain efficiency. Over the next few weeks we will glimpse at a few ideas that have arisen from the Six Sigma methodology, started by Bill Smith at Motorola in the 1980s, which led to many companies improving their productivity. [...]

How to build requirement documents that work

Requirements documents come in a variety of flavours, including marketing, business, and product requirements. Although the specific content varies between each type of requirements document, the purpose remains the same. A requirements document must communicate requirements so that someone can determine a solution. Why do requirement documents fail? In many cases, requirement documents fail to [...]