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Four personal branding tips to help shorten your elevator pitch

Hi, what do you do? In 10 seconds or less, can you summarize what you do for a living? Everyone should be able to do this. The original purpose of an elevator pitch was to prepare you for that chance meeting with a potential client, so that you could quickly summarize your value proposition for [...]

Five Marketing Tips for Executive Job Hunters

At Boardroom Metrics we’ve observed the marketing patterns of many, many executives in transition. Here are five tips we’ve picked up for making the job hunt more successful:   Become a specialist. A first rule of marketing is stand out for doing one thing well. However, that’s not how most executives market themselves. Loaded with [...]

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Should I Take A Call From A Recruiter?

By Randy Harris, January 19, 2012 Recently a friend of mine called to solicit my thoughts and opinion. He had recently received a call from a recruiter. It was a firm that he was not familiar with. However, the role and the client they were representing appeared to be somewhat interesting to him. His concern [...]

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