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Five Marketing Tips for Executive Job Hunters

At Boardroom Metrics we’ve observed the marketing patterns of many, many executives in transition. Here are five tips we’ve picked up for making the job hunt more successful:   Become a specialist. A first rule of marketing is stand out for doing one thing well. However, that’s not how most executives market themselves. Loaded with [...]

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Interim Management – Reinventing Yourself as a Business Professional

I often think of interim management as the rite of passage. It’s that precipice you reach in your career where you've held a number of VP Roles and the full-time jobs are just not coming in. You look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why isn’t any one hiring me? I still have it! I’ve [...]

Interim Managers: Who’s doing the work?

The Benefits of Interim Management I usually like to write about sales and marketing issues, and synergy and strategy stuff. However, today I wanted to weigh in on the evolution of work, and comment on our ability to cope with the changing environment. In speaking with a number of CEO’s, several have confided their frustration [...]

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Interim Management: How to Get Work

 By: Jim Crocker, CEO of Boardroom Metrics Being busy as an interim manager is the goal of many post-corporate and in-transition executives in North America. Recently I published this post about obtaining interim management work on the Expert Business Resources website. Here are some of the key points: Background on Interim Management Working as an [...]

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