Driverless Truck?

The Driverless Truck? It’s a TRAIN! There has been a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the new phenomenon that is the “driverless truck” and the endless possibilities it presents to the future of the Logistics industry. The idea of the “driverless truck” must be hugely appealing to transport companies already facing significant pay increases [...]

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Driver Shortages – The Ugly Truth

The issue of driver shortages in the Truck Driving industry is hardly new but it is one that will continue to rise. This is due to there being a severe dearth of talent coming into the profession and lots more leaving it. Why? Simply put, Truck Driving is no longer appealing to young people. This [...]

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  • Logistics expertise through experience

Logistics Expertise through Experience

Expertise through Experience I have been involved in Logistics for over 20 years and my logistics expertise ensures that I have a unique understanding and full appreciation of the complete logistics life cycle. Gaining my truck drivers licence 3 months after my 21st birthday, I self-funded both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Commercial Law [...]

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