Executives in Transition

As a Career Transition Coach, whenever I meet with retired friends and post-corporate executives over lunch, the conversation invariably leads to discussions on ‘what will I do next’. Within the first year of retirement many people have already traveled, golfed, and had plenty of family visits.  And, many have contributed their volunteer services by participating [...]

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What’s in a Word? Maybe a Job!

~~ When I am Career Coaching, many of my Clients tell me that their skills are transferable to every industry.  I then ask the question, ‘but is your Lingo-transferable’. Every industry has their own set of, acronyms, buzz-words, slangs, insider-terminology, nomenclature. In the Watch business, I had to know my Bezel from a Crown and [...]

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Income Options for Post Corporate Executives

To help you be successful, post-corporate means to look long and hard and answer the following 3 questions: What is your unique expertise? Where is your expertise valued as a paid-for-service? How can you get your message known to that potential market? It may be difficult to answer these questions initially, and we hope this [...]

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How to Build Brand Awareness

The Catholic Church as a Brand Over the past few weeks, we’ve all been following the news about the Catholic Church and in particular the retirement (a first in 600 years) and appointment of a new Pope. Change seems to be coming to an institution that is associated with resisting change and continued down a [...]

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You Have to be Present to Win

Many of us have heard this advice before. Why do I like it  so much? I like it because it means you don’t always have to be the smartest or the most skilled to win. As Woody Allen once said – “ 80% of success is just showing-up” I ran a webinar on leadership last [...]

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The Carnival Cruise Line will Survive

Greg Berube is a trusted brand thought leader who delivers results to organizations seeking to develop their brand impact and growth. A Wrong Gets it Right! Over the past few weeks, the news surrounding the Carnival Cruise Ship line has been upsetting, troubling and in some cases disturbing. How could this happen to such a [...]

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Challenges in Commercializing Innovation

Are you ready to sell “Trust”? A wise businessman once told me that, in the end, business is all about selling “trust”. I’ve kept learning what “selling trust” means, ever since. Think of Apple products. Have you ever questioned whether the product will work well and serve a need?  No, in fact, it goes beyond [...]

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What I’ve Learned about Sales

Tim Rooney - A seasoned CEO Tim draws on decades of corporate success to help individuals and business owners accelerate their sales growth and build a sustainable competitive advantage. The 12 most surprising things I've learned from 10 years of Sales Training Over the last 10 years, I have trained and coached many 100’s of [...]

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