Hunch-Based Selection

When a client project involves resume vetting, I always include in my proposal that I will spend 30 seconds max per resume. This is especially true if I’m vetting hundreds of documents from multiple postings. Just so you aren’t shocked, the recruiting industry average time spent on a resume is 6 seconds. I like to [...]

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Route to Market Series #5: Have your Competition changed their Route to Market?

Route to Market – is your Sales Organization Optimized?  When was the last time you reviewed the structure of your Sales Organization? How has the marketplace changed since then? Many Companies review their business strategy on a regular basis, but very few pause to look at the selling environment they are competing in and the appropriateness [...]

Is Your Business Strategy As Focused As It Needs To Be?

The essence of Strategy is all about differentiation. In simple English, our strategy should answer the question “so what makes you different from your competition?” Once you have your strategy figured-out your, success in executing your strategy is heavily influenced by your ability to be Focused and Disciplined. Let’s take a closer look at why [...]

A Recruiter’s Perspective: What are you Worth?

Over the years, one of the most frequently asked questions of myself is, “what am I worth?”. On the surface it would appear to be a fairly straight-forward question, as in "what do you believe I am worth on the market?".  Like most things in life, the answer is not necessarily black and white. Value [...]

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Should I Take A Call From A Recruiter?

By Randy Harris, January 19, 2012 Recently a friend of mine called to solicit my thoughts and opinion. He had recently received a call from a recruiter. It was a firm that he was not familiar with. However, the role and the client they were representing appeared to be somewhat interesting to him. His concern [...]

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