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When Brands Fail

  Branding should be seen as a fluid part of any organization – it must adapt to the changing marketplace and the consumer’s needs and wants. This is paramount in the life cycle of any Brand. As an audience shifts, their needs will also alter.  A good Brand Strategy will take this into account. You [...]

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Inventory Shrinkage – Is It Eating Into Your Profits?

Boardroom Metrics provides Strategy Consulting and RFP Response Writing expertise to clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The definition of Inventory Shrinkage varies slightly from manufacturing, to distribution centres, to retail. Irrespective of the situation, Inventory Shrinkage is simply the difference between recorded inventory and actual inventory. In other words, shrinkage is the reduction in [...]

  • corporate wargaming

Use Wargaming To Test Retail Strategy And Reduce Corporate Risk

I recently attended a presentation on corporate wargaming that had me thinking how it could have helped JC Penny avoid their recent retail strategy woes, and had me wondering why more retailers aren't using it to mitigate their corporate risk. Leading the presentation were a group of professional ex-military personnel headed up by a former [...]

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JC Penny throws the baby out with the bathwater… Loses 3 Million Facebook Fans.

Trying to bring customers back into the stores, CEO Ron Johnson announced last week that J.C. Penney will be bringing back sales. I guess Mr. Johnson’s about-face was as a result of the 50% slide in the stock price over the past year. Clearly, J.C. Penney has not been listening to its customers.  Yet, the writing was on [...]

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