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Loneliness of a High Performing Sales Rep

Top Performing sales people can have a tough time with their success. There are few people in an organization that understand them and what they do to be successful.   Most people don’t see and don’t know all the work that goes into the deals and the winning ways that they have created. They also [...]

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5 High Performance Sales Techniques not found in Books

Top performing sales reps typically do five things better than anyone else: 1)    They are Focused Top performers have a maniacal focus on doing the right things and on their success. They know what success looks like to them. And it is different for each one I have ever met. They then focus on creating [...]

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Add Mental Strength To Your Sales Strategy – 7 Mental Sales Tips

As a sales coach, I am often asked to offer tips about selling technique, but sometimes the best solution for increasing the effectiveness of any given organization's sales strategy is simply to work on cultivating mental toughness. Why do we need to work on mental toughness? Because selling sometimes sucks! David Sandler once said, "Anyone who [...]

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