Today is a Big Day!

Today Boardroom Metrics is hosting a group of Accomplished Sales Executives. We are always on the lookout for our next Accomplished Executive. If that’s you, we’d love to know you’re out there.

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Succession Planning? Don't forget the business.

Here are two great succession planning checklists. This one is from the CFIB. This one is from Downey & Company, a CPA firm. It’s great that there is so much information available on succession planning. However, there’s a common feeling I get from all succession planning checklists – aside from getting a business valuation, they [...]

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Private Business Owner? Looking for good book?

'Built to Sell' is a good book for private business owners - even if you're not thinking of selling. The key point - that owners need to work on, not in the business can be a challenge for many owners.

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Party Animal wants Brand Partner

Hey. Our client is a party animal.  Old guy. Kind of techie but not overboard. Has something serious going and is looking for a senior, connected brander to hook  him up with other brand people. He could really use the help (you should see him) and is willing to to give up equity for the [...]

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Automation that creates special Value.

A client invests in sustainable, transferable business value through automation, predictable processes, a brand image and differentiated customer relationships.

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Boardroom Metrics: What We Believe

Simon Sinek's great book 'Start with Why' inspired me to create a new Boardroom Metric's video about what we believe and why we do what we do.

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A Business Value Equation that EVERYONE Gets

Ask any private business owner what they want from their business and almost every one of them will tell you: "I want to maximize value.". Then watch what they do on a day to day business.

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Boardroom Metrics New Website, Services

Last week we went live with our new website. Every business has to evolve with the times and the opportunities that are put in front of it. Boardroom Metrics is doing that. Here's how.

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