This post originally appeared in the Boardroom Metrics CEO blog.


A friend who’s a serious, big-company CFO, just sent along his version of the x-mas letter. It’s more like an ‘anti’-Xmas letter. Some exerpts:

“Last year we chose not to do a x-mas ‘brag’ letter as frankly the year was a bit weak by our standards; however, this year we’re feeling much better about ourselves.

Now a brief update on our ‘genetic program’ and the progress towards world domination…

Jordy (12) has now begun to specialize in specific sports and is focused on playing hockey, school volleyball, club volleyball, school basketball, club basketball…and soccer.

Alex (10) made the Atom A team and is clearly on his way to the NHL. He played some other sports this year but we don’t care about them anymore now that we are on our way to the NHL.

Mac (6) has learned that when we go to shake hands with the other team we ‘touch’ gloves; we do not punch everyone on the other team.

Mac had his tonsils out this spring and still can’t sing.

Pam and I spend our weekends touring local sports facilities when we’re not quilting, antiquing or just sitting holding hands.

The rental property we own has given us the opportunity to meet an element of society we would would otherwise not interact with. I have taken the opportunity to write them fulfilling letters about such subjects as: paying the rent, not using small caliber hand-guns to shoot my shed, not threaten the neighbours, how to store your garbage and the joys of quiter sex.

Have a great holiday and new year!”