Corporate Board Governance Trends


Does a board provide more than oversight?

The second installment in the three-part series is a continuation of the conversation with Tom and his role as a director.

We had had a lengthy discussion on the merits of providing oversight, and the distinction between management and governance.



As an engineer Tom is well versed on ‘making things work’ and problem solving of course. So he certainly understood the difference between management and governance from an academic point of view.

Yet he remained skeptical of the difference it would cause in behaviour at the board room table.

So I introduced him to some QUIZ QUESTIONS that dig deeper on the specifics of governing behaviours.

These are thought provoking questions that will cause you to view your board and the organization it serves, in a new light.

After considering these questions, you may feel that you have just scratched the surface of the responsibilities of a board director. You may also feel that the time spent at board meetings is somehow ‘missing the point’.