As time goes on, it’s always important to connect or “tune-in” with your brand. Brands will develop a life of their own, most of the time they grow up the way we want but every now and again they don’t. It’s important to re-connect with your brand and shape it accordingly as the marketplace and audience shift.

Some of the worlds largest brands spend a considerable amount of time and money to ensure their brand is globally relevant and “tuned-in” to its marketplace. A few come to mind immediately, Starbucks, Apple, BMW, these organizations recognize the importance of positive communications globally – always focusing in the benefits or desire – these brands will no doubt continue to grow and generate revenues.

This doesn’t happen by accident – here a few key points to keep in mind:

Discovery – Brand growth is a constant vigil built on discovery. Time and effort is required to uncover the importance and value of you brand – these can shift.

Feed it back – Good brands feed back the wants and needs of their consumer and marketplace. Give them what they want – not what you want.

Listen – The ability to listen is important – listen to what’s being said in the marketplace – this will deliver the go forward planning

Changing marketplace – As mentioned earlier the marketplace is consistency under pressure to change and provide new and meaningful experiences. As the marketplace changes adjustments must be made to maintain your Brands position.

Changing audience – Target audiences change – as they change so do their wants and needs. It’s important to recognize these changes and make the required adjustment.

Employees – These people will be the carrier of your brand – they must be on board, their ability to maintain a positive image will no doubt effect your brands image within the marketplace – choose carefully

These are a few simple ideas to keep you brand up to date and you “tuned-in” to your brand. Undertaking this philosophy and the steps involved will help you avoid a costly rebrand plus maintain pace with the marketplace always ensuring revenues will produce positive growth.