Really? People want more email? Here’s my theory – based on observation. Despite the fact that RSS has been around for years, the majority aren’t aware of how it works – or even what Google Reader or Feedburner are. Sure, there are times when I find my reader overwhelming – so there’s NO way I’d resort to getting updates by email.

Email Newsletter Subs Trump RSS – Study: “

An unsurprising study out of Hubspot this morning reveals that email subscribers to many blogs factor in 12x larger than those who read through RSS. I am not seeing this in my own stats however. Only 1.5% of you read site feed via email. Still, I keep thinking about where RSS reading is going these days. I love the technology but have begun to explore other opt

Borrowing a page from Matt Cutts, for January I am trying a 30-day challenge – to reduce my use of RSS. I am trying to only dip into Google Reader as a data warehouse. I am finding that email newsletters, Gmail filtering and Twitter lists/Listimonkey maybe all I need. It simplifies my streams.

Anybody else seeing a shift to email newsletters? E-marketer reports that companies are increasingly integrating email and social media.


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