Hire consultants to facilitate social media not automate it. What do I mean by that? Don’t hire a consultant so they can automatically tweet your blog posts or perform some other type of technical service. Hire a consultant that understands your audience and can leverage the power of social media by creating and sharing content that your network will also want to share. You need two things in order for your social media efforts to be effective: an audience that is sharing what you are producing and the time and energy to pay attention to how your network is leveraging your content.

Below is an example of the effect of one blog post. This is a real world example from one of our clients. The impression numbers are for illustrative purposes only. The boxes on the left represent the manual steps taken to drive awareness. The boxes on the right represent the leverage available from social media.

Facilitate Social Media, not Automate

As we see in this example by producing content that is engaging to the user and by following up on user engagement we can drive substantially more traffic. A good social media consultant will help you indentify the kind of content that your intended audience is interested in. They will create the content for you that generates engagement. It is only with engagement can you leverage the power of social networks.  With social media you need to be genuine.  When was the last time you felt that a computer gave you a genuine response?  Automation is only part of the answer.  Thoughtful, helpful content is the most important key to success.