New, Fillable CEO Evaluation Template

This week we launched a new, fillable CEO evaluation template.

For many years, another CEO evaluation template was available on our website. It was useful for Boards seeking insight on what questions to ask in a formal CEO evaluation and how it might be formatted.

Unfortunately, being non-fillable, the old format was not very user friendly. Although it was easy to download and read, it was not easy for Boards to fill out and send back to the Board.

That has been addressed with the new version. Now, with the new, fillable CEO evaluation template, Directors can download, answer, save and return their evaluation to the Board. Adobe Acrobat (free) is required to work with the fillable template PDF.

Eighteen CEO Evaluation Questions

There are eighteen questions in the evaluation – eight questions on performance; seven on leadership skills; and, three general feedback/advice/input questions. Regardless of the Board or CEO, these questions will elicit significant, specific and useful feedback on the CEO’s performance.

In addition, there are five pages of notes with specific instructions and valuable insight on the CEO evaluation process. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for Boards to conduct quality CEO evaluations.

Purchasing the fillable CEO evaluation template costs $9.99 USD. However, the download link is good for 48 hours. This enables the entire evaluation team to access a fillable template with a single purchase.

Confidentiality and CEO Evaluations – Additional Support

The quality of any survey is usually enhanced when participants believe their feedback is anonymous and confidential. Board and CEO Evaluation surveys are no different. With that in mind, we also offer a service where Directors can send their completed CEO evaluation templates to us. We will collect all the surveys and tabulate the data. This will help reassure participants that their feedback is confidential.

For Boards seeking customization of their Board or CEO evaluations to meet their own specific requirements, we also offer a custom design and implementation service. More information custom designed CEO evaluations can be found here.

Importance of the CEO Evaluation

CEO performance management is a basic Board responsibility. First, the CEO reports to the Board. They are often the only employee who does. Second, the CEO is THE leader in the organization accountable to the Board for implementing its direction. Holding the CEO accountable for their performance – and encouraging even better performance is a critical role of the CEO evaluation process.