Jim Crocker –  Founder and CEO of Boardroom Metrics.

Last week, I had dinner with a group of 20 CIO’s. I’d been invited by a client to provide the CEO perspective on CIO’s, their role and how they do it.

The next day I posted this update (‘Why CIO’s Need to Change Their Role’) on the Boardroom Metrics CEO blog. It contains my learning and thoughts from the evening.

Some key thoughts:

  • Somehow, too many CIO’s have become content being relegated to cost-center, execution-leader status.
  • Furthermore, they see the tactical issues they face as being somehow unique – that the execution details in IT somehow make them different from what every other department in the Company has to face.
  • It’s time for CIO’s (and frankly, CEO’s) to wake up!
  • Every department faces difficult tactical issues – IT is NOT unique.
  • And, If CIO’s want to get the CEO’s attention, it’s time they started working on stuff the CEO cares about.
  • To do that, it’s time that CIO’s learn the business

IT is too valuable strategically to be relegated to cost-center, execution-only status. CIO’s who accept that fate hurt themselves – and their Companies.

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