“You Google other people, so don’t you think they’re Googling you?” LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman asks. “Part of a networked world is that people will be looking you up, and when they do, you want to control what they find.” Helping you present yourself well online is just the start.

Feels like I should say “I told you so”.

I won’t, but I am glad to see I’m in good company.

A few days ago I posted this personal branding presentation. Today, the latest Fortune magazine showed up. With this article in it. It’s titled ‘How LinkedIn Will Fire up Your Career’.

Ironically, two seconds before I saw this I hung up from a great recruiter and good friend who was telling me how he’d just landed a recruiting contract with a high profile business organization here in Canada. You know how they found him? LinkedIn. You know how they picked him? On the basis of the quality of his profile. His LinkedIn profile proved to them ‘he got it’. Does yours?

It works!! Get on it!!