Last week I got an interesting email from my GM dealer. All it had was the title: Polite Service Reminder. My reaction: what a nice, polite service reminder. I was impressed…although given how polite it was, I naturally chose to ignore it.

Then, yesterday something happened that’s never happened before. The information center in the middle of my Enclave’s dash was ablaze with warnings that my left rear…and right front, tire pressures needed checking.

You know if it had been one or the other, I might have fallen for it – but both at once, out of the blue….hmmmm. I checked. They were both fine.

And when I drove home in the evening, the warnings had stopped.

Then, last night I got a VOICE MAIL FROM GM telling me to take my car in for service.

You’d have to be in a coma to know GM is likely only days away from going down – which is probably as good a reason as any for getting my car serviced – but has it come to this? Is GM attempting to force its customers into dealers for service so they can pick up a bit of extra cash?

I never thought about it, but given that OnStar sends me monthly emails with my tire pressure and lots of other information, I presume manipulating my tire pressure warning system isn’t too far fetched? Is that possible?

Will I take GM down if I don’t get my car serviced?

If they do go down, will I ever be able to get my car serviced again?

Just wondering.